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At the end of 2021, Cuca’s departure from Eduardo Vargas’s Atlético Mineiro generated a great surprise, since despite winning the Brasileirao, the Brazil Cup and the Mineiro Championship, he accused family reasons for leaving the bench, and today they announced the arrival of Antonio Mohamed to replace him.

The Galo team communicated this Thursday, January 13 through their social networks that the 51-year-old Argentine coach will lead Turboman and his teammates with the clear objective of maintaining the high level they have been exhibiting, but the most important mission will be remove the thorn from last year’s Copa Libertadores.

This is because they were one of the clear candidates for the title, but Benjamin Kuscevic’s Palmeiras eliminated them in the semifinals and advanced to the final in which they beat Flamengo and was crowned two-time champion of the competition. For this reason, the Turk was chosen by the board of directors of the Rio de Janeiro team to go for the title in 2022.

And the Belo Horizonte team has so much desire for revenge that they have been reinforcing themselves in a great way to meet their objectives, and recently they reported that Diego Godín will join the team.

The 35-year-old Uruguayan central defender will leave Italian football to return to South America after 15 years in Europe and will join the team to affirm the rear, which has also been affected by the departure of Junior Alonso, who was sold to Russia by more than 7 million euros.

Thus, the Turkish Mohamed will arrive with clear things to take the Mineiro bench and will surely already begin his planning to give the club titles, where he will seek to put into practice the same things that led him to be champion three times in Mexican football.

The coach, who has steps through Argentina and Mexico, lifted the Aztec soccer trophy in 2012/13 with Tijuana, in 2014/15 with América and the most recent was in 2019/20 with Monterrey, and now it only remains to wait for the role that Eduardo Vargas takes in his scheme.

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