Transmigrant found in container truck in Roeselare

A 19-year-old transmigrant was found in a lorry container on company property in Roeselare, West Flanders. The man had spent several months in the United Kingdom and wanted to return to the European continent, the West Flanders prosecutor’s office said on Friday.

A truck driver discovered the young man when he wanted to load the empty container into a company in Roeselare. The driver urged the transmigrant to get out, after which the man was transferred to the company premises by staff. The police in the RIHO area (Roeselare – Izegem – Hooglede) and the West Flanders public prosecutor’s office then intervened.

The authorities quickly realized that the people concerned were not involved in human trafficking. The young man was carrying a number of personal effects. The authorities were therefore able to ascertain that he had been hiding in the container for some time.

The stowaway had also cut a cut in the tarp so he could see roughly where he was. The Czech trucker was not aware of his presence. He was quickly released.

The transmigrant explained that he did not want to go to the United Kingdom, on the contrary he no longer wanted to stay in London, where he saw no future. He had therefore decided to return illegally to France.

The Immigration Office ordered the young man to leave Belgian territory.

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