The mobility problems caused by the protests started in the center of Bogotá around 5:40 in the afternoon. The Tenth race had to counter-flow at the height of calle 11 sur.

The Policarpa sector, south-north direction, saw mobility affected and the bus fleet had to go to the mixed lane. Justly, the Policarpa station was one of the first to stop operating.

Minutes later, Transmilenio noted that the demonstrations affected various parts of the capital, specifically, transportation system stations.

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What are the Transmilenio stations closed this Thursday, November 25?

About 6:10 p.m., the Transmilenio Twitter announced that these were the stations that had to be closed:

  • Saint Bernard
  • Policarpa
  • Garden City
  • First of May Avenue
  • Country Sur

In addition, the company said, the portal of July 20 had to be closed.

Caracas Sur avenue also faced mobility problems and the cancellation of the food services of the Usme Portal.

It was the Yomasa sector that ran out of buses due to the demonstrations.

The transportation company also noted that the San Bernardo station was vandalized.

This is the Transmilenio report:

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