Transport in León: Entrepreneurs agree to maintain a rate for the rest of the year

Leon, Guanajuato.- Licensees of the transport in León they commit to keep rates in the collective transport service, at least for the remainder of the year.

This, they said, despite the fact that operating costs -especially in fuel and spare parts-and the price of new units.

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The president of the permit holders in León, Daniel Villaseñor Moreno, said that even when they do not work in the red, they have maintained the service despite the problem of the pandemic in which I know reduced mobility and they had to stop units.

Since the pandemic began, things have become economically complicated, transporters say.

“Let’s say we have been drawn since the pandemic; we had 33% less income and with this, the entire infrastructure has had to be maintained, we are in bad numbers ”.

Villaseñor Moreno added that the diesel purchase it represents 35% of operating costs, and is one of the fuels that has increased the most, costing more than 23 pesos per liter.

For her part, the Director of Mobility, Cynthia Chavez Rios, said dealers have not submitted any increase request and for this year the current rates will be maintained.

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“We will be attentive when they make their request and make a evaluation and see what comes next, ” said the official.

He acknowledged that among the agreements to increase rates reached in 2019 there are pending issues, such as the authorities’ investment in “smart” whereabouts with technological improvements.

They even tested the whereabouts of the SIT of Espiritu Santo, on the boulevard Saint John Bosco, where more than a million pesos were invested in automatic doors, and cutting edge technology.

“We are adjusting the concept of smart whereabouts, investments by concessionaires according to commitments that were had when there was a tariff increase, as well as providing free wireless network, and it is necessary to continue refining ”, explained the official.

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