Trebel will not see Sclessin: why he should no longer play at Anderlecht

Adrien Trebel played his first match of the season, in U21 against… Saint-Symphorien. He shouldn’t play under Kompany at all.

This Sunday’s Standard – Anderlecht should have been one of the matches of the year for Adrien Trebel (30), but the Frenchman will have to wait until September 27 to play his Clasico: the one with the U21s. This Tuesday, he played his first match of the season with his new team, in a friendly at Saint-Symphorien, a 3rd National club. In core A, there is no more room for him and that will not change as long as Vincent Kompany is a coach.

Given his desperate situation as a pro, Trebel sought a new challenge. And given his passion for working with young people, he set himself the goal of guiding young people in U21. So far, he fulfills this role to perfection. He is always on time for training, shows a lot of professionalism, gives advice, corrects left and right.

Trebel has to be the highest paid U21 in the world. Without his match bonuses (which he only receives in team A), he receives 2.61 million gross per year. Since he still has 1 year and 9 months of contract, Anderlecht still has to pay him 4.56 million. His main task is to qualify Anderlecht for the top 4 in U21, thus securing a place in Division 1B next season. If he is still there in 2022-2023, his experience will be good for young people. Last season, Club NXT took a beating, with only young people.

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