Tremendous pipe of Facundo Campazzo in the triumph of the Nuggets over the Blazers

Facundo Campazzo does not cease to amaze and once again contributed his magic and talent in the overwhelming victory of the Denver Nuggets against the Portland Trail Blazers 140-108, in a new day of the regular phase of the NBA, the most important basketball league in the world .

This time, the Cordovan showed off with a play taken from a pasture, if it were football, when he came first hand in hand with CJ Elleby, 1.98 meters tall, and snatched the ball from him as in a magic trick and immediately put a pipe in it to Trendon Watford, which ended up driving everyone crazy.

Campazzo, who entered from the bank, contributed 18 points and 12 assists in 27 minutes in the field.

Will Barton ended up leading the pack with 21 points before leaving the game in the third quarter with a neck strain, while Nikola Jokic had another 20 points.

But it is clear that Campazzo starred in the best play of the game with a spectacular pipe against Trendon Watford, in the same play that stole the ball from CJ Elleby.

In the second quarter, Campazzo also excelled with a tremendous assist for Green to convert with a dunk as Denver was beginning to gain the upper hand.

The Nuggets widened the gap to 26 points in the third quarter, and this time, unlike two nights ago against the Clippers, they didn’t miss it. Although it took them almost three minutes to score their first basket in that time, through Jeff Green, who finished with 19 points.

The Argentine base was able to take advantage of the minutes they gave him this season due to the casualties that the Denver team had due to injuries and positive cases of coronavirus.

With this victory, Denver was left with a 21-19 record and established itself in sixth place in the Western Conference. This Saturday at 23, they will face the Los Angeles Lakers.


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