Trevo go by car “Daqui à Lua”, on the third single from their new album “Ar, Amar e Terra” | Music

Announced with two singles, I speak loudly It is It was writtenTrevo’s new album kept the title a secret almost until its release, on November 18, 2022. Afterwards, we found out that it was Air, Love and Earthwhich had its first live performance at Musicbox, on the 24th. More than three months later, and already in a new year, the single and videoclip arrives for another song from this album, from here to the moon, opening this Tuesday. Starring Gonçalo Bilé, the group’s guitarist, and actress Cátia Baruch, the video clip portrays, they write, “a simple car trip, where everything changes”. Or, according to Gonçalo, “a story that ended. A relationship marked by an almost astronomical distance, which is actually a window to new beginnings!”

Trevo is a trio made up of Gonçalo Bilé (who was a semi-finalist in The Voice Portugal contest in 2020), Ricardo Pires and Ivo Palitos, and debuted with a homonymous album, in 2016, published by Ponto Zurca, where a total of twelve songs there were songs like My face, my face (how many likes do you have), I came and said, crimson lady, I want you more than a week, Marriage or flea market. He then toured several stages from North to South, participating in festivals such as Sol da Caparica, Sumol Summer Fest or Caparica Surf Fest. Her second album, Air, Love and Earthin addition to the themes already published in single and video clip, it has eight more: If I drew, Look there, ills, what a fairy, Oh from Joana, If I knew it was like this, Gabriela It is I grew up on the street. In addition to Gonçalo Bilé (guitar and vocals), Ricardo Pires (bass and vocals) and Ivo Palitos (drums and vocals), Paulo Borges (keyboards) and Diogo Santos (accordion) participated in the recordings. Recorded and mixed at LastStep studios, recording was in charge of Filipe Trigo, mixing by Francisco Grilo and mastering (at Mister Master) by Rui Dias.

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