Troy Baker supports the controversial NFTs and generates controversy on the networks

Troy Baker, the prolific actor and director who has lent his voice to several characters in the games (most notably Joel de The Last of Us), drew a lot of attention on social media today (14) by taking a controversial stance in favor of NFT.

In a post earlier today on his personal Twitter, Troy announced a partnership with @VoiceverseNFT “to explore avenues where together we can bring new tools to creators to do things they’ve never seen before, while also allowing everyone a chance to own and invest in the properties.” intellectuals they create.”

“We all have a story to tell. You can hate it or you can create it. What will it be?” Well, as far as social network users are concerned, hating seems to have been the path chosen by most people, who filled the post’s replies with harsh criticism.

Amid swearing and unfollow threats, some people calmly argued about the massive environmental damage caused by the blockchain technology used in NFTs, as well as the way the market was structured like a grand pyramid scheme. A few hours later, Troy returned to Twitter to express a little more of his feelings:

“I always want to be a part of the conversation, even if it sometimes gets me into a screaming argument. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and giving me a lot to think about (…). When talking about ‘hate and creation’ I think I was a little antagonistic, so I hope you’ll forgive me for that. It was a bad attempt at lightheartedness. Feel free to keep talking, or not, if you prefer.”

And you, what did you think of Troy Baker’s vision? And what do you think about NFTs? Tell us in the comments below!

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