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La La Land: Melody of Love
Cinemundo, 4:40 pm

Six Oscars (out of 14 nominations) awarded, in 2017, the musical written and directed by Damien Chazelle, in which Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are paired in a love story, dreams, songs and choreography: she is an aspiring actress; he, a jazz pianist. In addition to Stone and Gosling, actors JK Simmons, Rosemarie DeWitt, Thom Shelton and musician John Legend enter the film.

Minority Report
AMC, 6:28 pm

Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick and directed by Steven Spielberg, Minority Report takes place in Washington DC, in 2054, at a time when crime has been eradicated. Tom Cruise stars as Detective John Anderton, coordinator of the Pre-Crime unit, who uses psychic technology to stop perpetrators of crimes before they commit them. John believes the system is perfect, until he turns against it.

TVCine Top, 21:30

Aneesh Chaganty directs this horror film in which Chloe (Kiera Allen), who has always used a wheelchair and has become dependent on her mother (Sarah Paulson), discovers that her mother is hiding a shocking secret.

Stalin’s Divan
RTP1, 23:58

Aged and in poor health, Stalin retreated to an isolated palace. Lidia, his lover, accompanies him. Every night Stalin lies down on a couch like a patient and forces Lidia to play the psychoanalyst.

Almost entirely filmed at the Bussaco Palace Hotel, Stalin’s Divan it is inspired by the work of the same name by Jean-Daniel Baltassat. Written and directed by Fanny Ardant, it has Gérard Depardieu, Emmanuelle Seigner and Paul Hamy in the lead roles.


Alert: Missing Persons Unit
AXN, 10pm

Debut. John Eisendrath and Jamie Foxx are the creators of this procedural Past criminal record in the Philadelphia police missing persons department.

There are several cases investigated throughout the episodes. Every minute counts, especially when they are children. But there is one that runs through the plot and encapsulates the personal motivation of detective Nikki Parker (Dania Ramirez) and her ex-husband and fellow agent Jason Grant (Scott Caan): the disappearance of their own son, six years ago, and the hope of find him alive.


The Beatles: Eight Days a Week
TVCine Edition, 3:45 pm

Oscar winner Ron Howard takes on one of the most influential bands of all time. Using music, archival footage and interviews (including rare material), it offers a new look at the intense stage life of the ‘fabulous four’, between 1962 and 1966, from their first concerts at the Cavern Club, in their native Liverpool, to their final performance, in the North American city of San Francisco. Simultaneously, he portrays the features of this unparalleled global cultural phenomenon.

The film’s production was supported by surviving members of the group, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison (Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, respectively).

Archeology 3.0
History, 10:15 pm

Debut. The romantic and cinematographic ideal of the archaeologist covered in dust or on adventures through the jungle is giving way to another paradigm, in which the laboratory and technology take the lead in the interpretation of the past.

This documentary series explores the tools and advances that make it possible to observe a sunken ship without putting a foot in the water, to know exactly what the last meal of a prehistoric hominid was, to extract data from the smallest particle or to “excavate” information from a archaeological site without damaging it.

Today’s episodes are dedicated to Objects It is Bodies; the remaining two, issued in a week’s time, at Locations It is The invisible.

The Case of Bovary
RTP2, 23:33

In 1856, Gustave Flaubert published Madame Bovary, his debut novel, which will become one of the most influential works in history. Afterwards, he is taken to court for “offenses against public and religious morals and good customs”, risking imprisonment. More than a century and a half later, the docudrama by Stéphane Miquel and Alban Vian revisits a judgment that reveals the issues of censorship and freedom of expression in modern societies.

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