Turda asked: Would the highway network really be replayed for 35 years?

The dialogue politician pointed out that it is From the European Union Public Procurement Notice It turned out: for the next 35 years, they want to privatize the entire Hungarian motorway network – about two thousand kilometers.

“Operation, maintenance, upgrades and renovations are also fattening the companies of the same then-winning contractor,” he added.

According to Bence Tordai, this concession is based on successful models such as the concession of trafikmutyi and casinos, “when Fidesz friends were assured of a busy income”.

Referring to the budget law, the opposition politician said: by 2022, we will pay HUF 138 billion for the availability fee alone, this cost would be 5 trillion for 35 years, in addition, the service fee will be up to fifty percent. development and renovation costs.

In total, it guarantees tens of thousands of billions in revenue for the company or company empire of the selected contractor over the next 35 years

Bence Tordai pointed out.

He also added that “the news is about” that László Kérjj will be the winner, “one of Viktor Orbán’s favorite oligarchs”, who also maintains the Fidesz holiday boat, Lady MRD, and hosted, among others, Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade. .

Minister, are they really preparing to hand over all Hungarian public roads and tens of thousands of billions of forints to a Fidesz oligarch for 35 years?

Bence Tordai asked.

According to Gergely Gulyás, the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, the dialogue representative also refuted what he said, as it is an EU public procurement. Accordingly

the winner can be any EU company, and there is hardly a company in Hungary that can take on tasks of this magnitude.

According to the Minister, it is not a question of someone operating the roads, as Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt. Does today, but it is a matter of someone building roads and then receiving the operation of this road construction and receiving budget support.

The Hungarian state must decide whether to build these roads. If not, you will need to raise costs from a budget source or take out a larger loan. The other option is the concessionaire, taking risks, roads build.

In this way, roads can be built that strengthen Hungary’s transit role in international transit traffic, said Gergely Gulyás.

He advised Bence Tordai not to look at the concession from the point of view, as the opposition usually does, when accusing a large contractor of winning a public procurement in advance. According to the minister, the question is whether it is worth the country and whether it is a good investment.

He cited the M5 motorway as a bad example, recalling that the socialist government had been providing huge fixed profits to foreign investors for decades.

We want to avoid this, but if we want the road traffic and road network in the country to develop, this call is needed.

– said the Minister.

According to Bence Tordai, Gergely Gulyás misinterprets, because the tender is for planning, renovation, construction, inspection, operation, maintenance and financing tasks for the existing and some of the emerging motorway network elements.

The politician believes that there is no question that “only Fidesz oligarchs can apply”, because there is no other company in Hungary that would be suitable for this. He also said the government wants to play out more Paks 2 money to the Fidesz oligarchs before its fall.

I indicate that in 2022 you will hand over the helm, and we will not pay a penny to your oligarchs under such concessions.

Said Bence Tordai.

The minister in charge of the prime ministerial said this: in 2022, voters will decide who they want to see in government and opposition, and the decision will be acknowledged.

(Cover photo: Bence Tordai, Representative of the Dialogue, will speak at the plenary session of the Parliament on May 27, 2021. Photo: Tamás Kovács / MTI)


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