Turtle Wex opens party weekend VROB (Lochristi)

Turtle Wex was allowed to start the party weekend of the VROB on Friday evening with a handsome set of covers on guitar. The public can still visit the Speurdonckhoeve on Sunday for an aperitif and music in the afternoon.

Vrije Radio Oudenbos (VROB) was supposed to celebrate its five-year anniversary last year, but corona put a stop to it. It is fair to say that VROB saw the light of day in 1981 in the Spoorweglaan in Lokeren Oudenbos. Free radio grew and moved to the Singel, but when the broadcasting licenses were handed out, VROB off the boat. Via a detour, the transmitter still received the frequency 106.6, but this required a move to Beervelde. The VROB became Radio You and later merged into radio Contact.

In 2015, under the impulse of ex-employee Dirk Van Luchene, the idea was launched to VROB to recreate once. That’s how it happened, although one-offs quickly became regular. The station now holds a broadcast weekend every month and the radio truck appears here and there at festivities and events.

Celebrating five years was not possible, so VROB aimed at 2,250 days and then this weekend was ideal. An ideal partner was found in the Speurdonckhoeve and on Friday evening Turtle Wex was allowed to do his thing. Acoustic guitars alternated with electric guitars and the audience got to hear a mixture of covers in which the trio always added their own touch to the songs. A solid rocking Don’t bring me down (ELO) was alternated with Heroes (David Bowie) and via Hey Hey, my my (Neil Young) they even ended up with The Beatles.

Next Sunday, the public can also visit the Speurdonckhoeve for an aperitif with a musical intermezzo and later in the afternoon Ritchie Paris will drop by.

Peter Esprit

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