TV Azteca: Martinoli almost resigned and from Televisa, he tells of his only experience working with 'those'

CDMX.- Christian Martinoli was about to give up TV Azteca and he also said that he had an experience with ‘those’, referring to two chroniclers of Televisa.

Christian Martinoli’s first experience on TV Azteca was for the program ‘El Club’ with Sandra Chahín, where he interviewed Miguel Herrera, then a Toros Neza player, and in this, a situation arose that the chronicler did not like.

According to Enrique Valdez and Juan Antonio Hernandez, in a program of ‘El Club’, Sandra Chahin floured flour to Christian Martinoli and the chronicler was upset, to the point of resigning.

He holds a rod, but as soon as the camera cuts, he gets the angry of his life and begins to complain to the director why they filled him and shows you the anger that it was not the profile he was handling, that he was serious, “he said Juan Antonio Hernandez.

Martinoli started at TV Azteca in 1998

For his part, Enrique Valdez said that Martinoli resigned, but the producer questioned it, and the narrator assured that he was going to drive.

This gives work, you have to walk in life. Do not quit, you are already here, the most difficult thing is to enter. Once here, hold on and Martinoli followed. Fortunately, I didn’t let him quit, ”Valdez said.

In 1998, Christian Martinoli came to TV Azteca, being his first experience in ‘The Club’.

Christian Martinoli reveals experience with ‘those’ (Televisa)

Christian Martinoli disclosed that he came to work with Enrique ‘Dog’ Bermudez and the Doctor’ Alfonso Morales for a radio show, in which it was for a month. The chronicler says that “Doctor” Morales was upset with him for a note and the commentator explained that the producer corrected a note, but made many changes.

I brought my note, the producer changed 79 thousand percent of the note, I recorded what the producer told me and ‘Doctor’ Morales told me the mother. So, I brought the scratched sheet from the producer and my original sheet, and I told him: ‘you will tell me, the culprit is that one’. What the ‘Doctor’ told me: ‘You are insolent’, ‘You’re never going to get anywhere’, he began to insult me, he threw the sheets in my face in front of everyone. I grabbed my sheets and left. It was the only experience working with ‘those’ ”, Martinoli said.

Alfonso Morales mentioned that Martinoli has transcended by his style and his knowledge.

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