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The Fifth Estate
AXN Movies, 7:05 pm

In 2010, a non-profit organization released thousands of documents related to US foreign policy, the War in Iraq and various other topics in the field of international diplomacy involving governments and multinationals.

Directed by Bill Condon and written by Josh Singer, this is the fictionalized story of WikiLeaks. Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brühl embody, respectively, Julian Assange and colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

AMC, 10:59 pm

road thriller directed by Dominic Sena, from a screenplay by Stephen Levy and Tim Metcalfe. Brian (David Duchovny) and Carrie (Michelle Forbes) travel to California to start a new life. He, who wants to write a book about serial killers, takes the opportunity to visit places where crimes were committed. She takes pictures.

To cut costs, they place an ad to find two traveling companions, to which Early (Brad Pitt) and his girlfriend, Adele (Juliette Lewis) respond. It didn’t take long for them to realize it was a mistake.

The Voice of the Moon
RTP2, 23:11

Inspired byO Lunatic Poemby Ermano Cavazzoni, also co-author of the script, this was Federico Fellini’s last film.

With Roberto Benigni in the lead role, it focuses on a man fresh out of an asylum and the dazzled way he sees the world, focusing on a woman whose beauty he compares to the moon. Along the way, he meets several strange characters. Television, populism and a surrealist vision of Italian society at the time are some of the focuses of this film.


The Obscure Origin of Sherlock Holmes
RTP2, 2h44

Before he was the celebrated creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle was a pupil of Joseph Bell at the University of Edinburgh. And Bell was the inspiration for the detective. This British miniseries, which returns today to RTP2 evenings, fictionalizes the relationship between them, putting them to investigate murders. Ian Richardson embodies Bell; Doyle is played by Charles Dance.


The Mask and the Villages
RTP2, 11:03 am

In villages in France, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and other European countries, rituals can be found starring “demons, at the same time crude and mischievous, who bring with them chaos, disorder, but also festivity and its excesses. ” and “drag the populations into unbridled masquerades”, announces the trailer.

The documentary by Philippe Roussilhe and Sonia Paramo seeks to unmask its roots, rooted in pagan traditions symbolically related to fertility, renewal, the advent of spring and protection against evil spirits.


Chef’s Kitchen
Home and Kitchen, 8:35 pm

Esteia. Marlene Vieira, chef top restaurant in Portugal, with a reputation established by the Marlene restaurant, (just like that, with a comma) and increased popularity by Masterchef Portugalreveals “the most distinguished dishes, the best kept recipes and the tricks of the great chefs”, advances the channel.

Committed to simplifying but seasoned with daring, the program alternates between three approaches: fine dining, Portuguese gastronomy and everyday dishes with a touch of class. Each episode proposes two recipes.

Cod loin with green broth cream and tuna francesinha are the flavors chosen to start the tasting, extended to 11 episodes shown from Monday to Friday. A section of tips from chef and another advice from sommelier Gabriela Marques complete the menu.

Tuna Francesinha, one of the dishes in the first episode of Chef’s Kitchen


The Mini Chef Show
Nick Jr., 4:52 p.m.

A culinary program is launched in stop motion, made for and by little ones. In your kitchen on a tree stump, a tiny chef verde cooks plant-based, plant-based dishes as he shares and sings about the joys of cooking, always inspired by his heroine, Julia Child.

Robot assistant Olly, Ruby the caterpillar, Henry the snail and friend RuPaul are always by your side. Extra entertainment is provided by guest celebrities and a cutlery band. To see daily.

The Mini Chef Show

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