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The Post
AXN Movies, Saturday, 9:10 pm

In 1971, the newspaper The Washington Post published the Pentagon Paperstop-secret documents confirming extensive US interference in Vietnam between the 1940s and 1960s. thriller period politician, signed by Steven Spielberg in 2017, accompanies Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham, the owner of the newspaper that fought against the White House of Richard Nixon for the publication of these documents that were clandestinely passed by an employee of a think tankand Tom Hanks as the executive editor.

Jack Reacher
Fox Movies, Saturday, 9:10 pm

After years in the US Military Police, the ultra-talented and intelligent Jack Reacher, played by Tom Cruise, is now a man living on the fringes of society. He is called to investigate the case of a man who is accused of having killed five people, and in whose innocence he believes. Released in 2012, this action film is the adaptation of the work of Lee Child, who wrote several police officers with Reacher as the protagonist, which also served as the basis for the series reacher, premiered on Amazon Prime Video last year. It was written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who would return to direct Cruise in several films in the saga. Mission Impossible – and continues to do so: there are two more on the way. The cast also includes Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkis and David Oyelowo, as well as German director Werner Herzog. The 2016 sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Backsigned by Edward Zwick, follows.

body rice
RTP2, Saturday, 23:38

Since 1980, German institutions have sent teenagers to the south of Portugal under experimental social re-education projects. This is how Katrin arrives in Alentejo. There, she will establish a unique relationship with the surrounding environment, a situation aggravated by the harshness of the landscape of a socially deserted region. Katrin will form, with Julia and Pedro, a refuge in a no-man’s-land… The first work by Hugo Vieira da Silva, it won the Jury’s Special Mention at the Locarno Festival and was also screened at festivals in Rotterdam and Hong Kong.

doctor Weird love
TVCine Edition, Sunday, 12:35 pm

TVCine Edition has dedicated Sundays in February to films that have been nominated for Oscars, which will take place on March 13th. The last marathon starts with doctor Weird love, Stanley Kubrick’s classic black-and-white comedy about nuclear conflict, released in 1964. Starring Peter Sellers in a triple role, in front of a cast that also includes George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden and Slim Pickens, it focuses on a conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, with a general who orders a nuclear strike against the Soviets. The film series continues throughout the afternoon and evening, with Philomenaby Stephen Frears (2013), Frost/Nixonby Ron Howard (2008), Licorice Pizzaby Paul Thomas Anderson (2021), Moneyball – Risk Playby Bennet Miller (2011), The Cape of Fearby Martin Scorsese (1991).

captain falcon
AXN Movies, Sunday, 9:10 pm

Portugal, 1960s. Captain Falcão (Gonçalo Waddington) is recognized as the most patriotic of superheroes. Completely loyal to António de Oliveira Salazar, the President of the Council of Ministers, he is dedicated to combating all threats to the nation. Falcão, together with his brave companion, Puto Perdiz, will have to find a way to eliminate everyone who gets in his way. An action comedy directed by João Leitão in 2015 that parodies a dark period in recent Portuguese history.

The Accommodation
RTP1, Sunday, 01h00

The Austrian duo of aunt and nephew Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala signed in 2019 this psychological horror film with Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell, Lia McHugh and Alicia Silverstone. A soon-to-be-married woman is trapped during a blizzard in a remote village with her fiance’s children. It is no longer a peaceful situation, and, to complicate everything, strange events begin to occur around the three.


Life After Life
RTP2, Sunday, 22h

Debut. In 2013, British Kate Atkinson signed the novel Vida After Life. Last year, playwright Bash Doran adapted it into a BBC miniseries, headlined by Thomasin McKenzie and Sian Clifford. Set in the first half of the 20th century, it centers on a woman named Ursula Todd, whose life is lived over and over until it finally turns out well. She’s always dying and being reborn, and it’s been happening since she was born the first time, in 1910, as a stillbirth.


Return to Origins: Rustic Home Home
Discovery, Saturday, 9pm

The Raney family knows what it’s like to live off the grid, far from modern society. Patriarch Marty is an expert at just that, and his children, farmer Misty and hunter and fisherman Matt, have followed in his footsteps. Together they present the popular reality show Return to Origins, where they help other families to live like them, sharing their vast knowledge and skills. They also have this other program, whose third season is now debuting, in which they show their own homes.

The Island of the Pirates
RTP2, Sunday, 7:20 pm

Debut. What were pirates like in real life, especially compared to those we know from fiction, movies and books? It is this question that we intend to answer in this French documentary signed by Stéphane Bégoin last year, a production by the ARTE channel. To discover all this, people travel around the world following investigations, diving into the depths of the sea, searching archives and museums, talking to experts and recreating, in docudrama format, the lives of these people.


Create Today at the Paris Opera
RTP2, Saturday, 22h02

Aurélie Du Pont, who is in charge of the dance part of the National Opera of Paris, asked four choreographers, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Damien Jalet, Tess Voelker and Mehdi Kerkouche, to make four new creations to ask if it is still possible to create something of new these days. They did so using music, respectively, by Woodkid, Koki Nakano, Nick Drake and Guillaume Alric.


Song Festival
RTP1, Saturday, 21:07

At the start of the 57th edition of the Festival da Canção, the first semifinal receives, in a ceremony presented from the RTP studios by Tânia Ribas de Oliveira and José Carlos Malato, Moyah, Bolha, April Ivy, Churky, Cláudia Pascoal, Sal, Mimicat, You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown, Neon Soho and Esse Povo. Five out of ten songs will make it to the final. And there is still room for guests like Fernando Tordo, HMB, Nena, Blanca Paloma and Ana Bacalhau.

whore da Silva – Imminent Festival 2022
RTP2, Sunday, 23:40

Debut. whore da Silva defines himself as a “Brazilian afro-transvestite multi-artist”. She arrived in Portugal in 2016, where she also studied. She came from the theater, being also a teacher, but she couldn’t find space in the artistic area here. She became a sex worker and later came up with that name and started singing the themes of her life. In September last year, she took her multimedia show to Iminente.


Gru – The Evil Disposed 3 (VP)
Fox, Saturday, 11:17 am

Fired from the Anti-Villain League for letting Balthazar Bratt, one of the most successful (and irritating) villains ever to cross his path, escape, the anti-hero Gru is feeling depressed, humiliated and even more unwell than usual. From the animation studio Illumination Entertainment, a comedy by Pierre Coffin.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Secret World (VP)
FOX, 10:30am

Several years have passed since we met Hiccup, the little Viking who, with intelligence and a spirit of sacrifice, showed us the power of true friendship. But this is put to the test when he, as an adult, has to fight a dragon smuggler. An animated film by Dean DeBlois.

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