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Newark Mafioso Saints
TVCine Top, Saturday, 21:30

The Sopranos find here a kind of prequel that narrates the events that led to the events recounted in the television phenomenon created by David Chase. The film, released in 2021, but without passage in Portuguese cinemas, is directed by Alan Taylor, who directed multiple episodes, and written by Chase with another veteran of the series, Lawrence Konner.

Set in the late 1960s, it’s a self-contained story centered on Dickie Moltisanti and filled with younger versions of other characters. Alessandro Nivola, Michael Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, Michael Imperioli and Vera Farmiga are part of the cast.

From now on
RTP2, Saturday, 22:48

Catarina Ruivo’s second feature film, after Andre Valente, is the story of the pursuit of happiness by a woman who fights for what she believes in, while resisting everyday life. Dora (Adelaide Sousa) is a beautician who tries to balance her time between her profession, her husband – the policeman António – and the meetings of the small left-wing party to which she belongs.

The Thief of Bagdad
RTP Memória, Sunday, 3pm

A fantasy-adventure classic inspired byTo the One Thousand and One Nights, with flying carpets, a giant genie and other special effects that stood out at the time, 1940 – so much so that they were awarded an Oscar. The film won two more: best cinematography (Georges Périnal) and artistic direction.

The Promise of a Lifetime
TVCine Emotion, Sunday, 4pm

In 1919, the world tries to recover from World War I. After his wife’s suicide, Australian Joshua Connor travels to Turkey to find out about his three children, missing in action. He has no hope of finding them alive but wants to at least be able to bury them with their mother. Everything changes when he realizes that the youngest may still be alive. With Russell Crowe as director and protagonist, the film is based on a book by Andrew Anastasios and Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios.

It is one of the titles lined up for the special that marks Father’s Day. Starts at 12:55 with the comedy A Father in Manner and it only ends at 10:50 pm with the drama A Princesa da Rua. My son (at 2:25 p.m.), A Diary for Jordan (5:50 pm), mom or dad (8pm) and The debt (21:30) are the other films on display.

the nest
RTP1, Sunday, 00:53

Jude Law and Carrie Coon are paired in this thriller psychology of Sean Durkin. After living in the US for a long time, Rory O’Hara returns to his native England with his wife, Allison, and their two children. The move makes her feel helpless and alone. It is the beginning of a process of distancing that will open fissures and generate a climate of growing hostility in the whole family.


Special Zone
RTP2, Saturday, 2h44

Opportunity to review the Canadian series that exposes the absurdity of war and the harshness of (about) living in a zone of separation. It takes place somewhere in a Balkan city – which, despite being fictional, symbolizes Sarajevo – where two religious factions face each other. There, the atrocities are constant and the violence despairs even the contingent of the United Nations that tries to impose a ceasefire. The eight episodes are charged on Saturday and Sunday.


Flee – The Escape
RTP2, Saturday, 00:19

Amin arrived in Denmark from Afghanistan. He was smaller and alone. He is now 36 years old, successful in the academic world and on the verge of marrying his boyfriend. But there is something that has been tormenting him for two decades and that could ruin everything… Directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, the film was nominated for three Oscars – best documentary, animation and international film – and brought the Sundance award for best documentary.

Wild life
SIC, Sunday, 12:10 pm

The nature program travels today towards Melgaço – Diversity and Natural Values. Directed by Miguel Arieira and produced for the municipality by the association Ao Norte, the documentary shows the biodiversity of the northernmost municipality of Portugal, with the mission of raising awareness of its conservation.

The Murder of Molly McLaren
AMC Crime, Sunday, 10:30 pm

Integrated in the cycle Death on Social Media, illustrates the dangers of platforms through an extreme case: the murder of Molly McLaren. The 23-year-old was murdered in June 2017, in Kent (England), by Joshua Stimpson, the ex-boyfriend she had met through Tinder and who, after the relationship ended, controlled and stalked her on Facebook, ending up violently take his life. The girl even complained to the police and the social network, but nothing prevented the tragic outcome. Stimpson was convicted and is serving a minimum sentence of 26 years in prison.


Womex 22 – Selma Uamusse and Djazia Satour
RTP2, Sunday, 23h45

RTP2 continues to broadcast performances from Womex 2022, the world music meeting that took place in October in Lisbon. Today it is the turn of Selma Uamusse, equipped with soul, jazz and gospel with echoes of her country of origin, Mozambique. Also on stage is Djazia Satour, a French singer, songwriter and guitarist who rescues the heritage of Algeria where she was born in an indie-folk-pop sound.


home heat
RTP2, Saturday, 22h01

Presented as “an abstraction about the aridity of family relationships and about our attempt to reconcile”, the play is signed by Inês Filipe and staged by Maria Jorge, with scenography by Fernando Ribeiro and interpretations by Joel Sines, Manuela Paulo, Paula Seabra , Romi Soares and Teresa Chaves.


RTP1, Saturday, 21:57

The new season of the program begins in which Vasco Palmeirim, in the role of master of ceremonies, and Nuno Markl, his right-hand man and person who accompanies the competitors on the ground, launch dazzling challenges to a group of familiar faces.

The “fun tests with a little bit of madness” remain, as well as the fixed panel made up of Inês Aires Pereira, Jessica Athayde, Gilmário Vemba and Toy, who carried over from the first season, which premiered a year ago. And there is again a different guest every week. In the first episode (of eight), it is Cândido Costa who joins in the fun – and the competition, because accumulating points becomes a serious matter.



royalty neighbors
Panda Kids, Saturday, 10:30 am

The premiere, with a double episode, of an animation series in which royalty is taken to the suburbs. It all starts when a problem with the plumbing in the castle forces a royal family to move into a small normal house and adapt to the life of the common people.

There is not exactly snobbery running in their blue blood. In fact, they leave for their new life with enthusiasm (and a little naivety): Princess Stella yearns to be able to be a young woman like the others, the Queen sees the move as a chance to modernize and the King couldn’t be more eager to put in practice its motto, “closer to the people”. Naturally, the adventures of these illustrious new neighbors will not be long in coming. The series is shown on weekends.

royalty neighbors

Paul the Postman – The Movie (VP)
Panda, Sunday, 12pm

The character created by John Arthur Cunliffe is transported to animated cinema in this film directed by Mike Disa. In the village of Valverde, nobody imagined that, in addition to his undeniable vocation as a postman, Paulo was gifted with a beautiful voice. When he signs up for a talent show, he wins the hearts of everyone who listens to him. The problem arises when you need to find someone to take your place in mail delivery.

This is the story chosen to open the Father’s Day celebration on the children’s channel. The special program continues at 1:30 pm with another film, Mosley and the Secret City, a fable directed by Kirby Atkins, in which a torifante slave is seized by a desire for freedom when he comes across paintings of ancestors standing on two legs. Below is a selection of themed episodes from the series Super Wings, Peppa Pig It is Simonfrom 15:05.

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