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Madrid, October 12, 2021Updated on 10/12/2021 08:02 am

Twitter has introduced in the platform the possibility of eliminating a follower without this person being notified, a function that was already announced at the end of September, and which is available to all users from this Monday.

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Users can review and clean their follower list at Twitter with a new option available globally in the web version, where the company began testing it in early September.

The characteristic of this novelty is that the person that the user decides to delete as a follower will not be notified, nor does it require blocking. However, if you decide to visit the user’s profile, then you will see that they no longer follow you.

The company has reported this news in its Support profile at Twitter.

Intense conversation

A few days ago it also announced another feature in testing, a notification that will alert the user if the conversation they are about to join may raise its pitch and become “intense.”

The ad is being tested in the Android and iOS applications, where it is shown in a blue box under the ‘tweet’ that starts the conversation, with the icon of a campaign. In it you can read that “conversations like this can be intense.”

The company explains from its support profile that for this notification they take into account both the subject of the ‘tweet’ and the relationship between the ‘tweet’, the author and who responds to it.

However, it indicates that the criteria they use to determine the conversations in which the ad will appear may change, as this is a test with which they hope to “learn how to better support a healthy conversation.”

According to the criteria of

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