Clubhouse phenomenon.  It's a live podcast and an interactive radio that you can broadcast as well

In spring Twitter has launched the function for live audio discussions. During the pandemic, this concept became an interesting and popular clubhouse for a while. His popularity subsequently waned, which may be due to the fact that his concept was implemented by a number of established players in the field of social services.

The clubhouse served by Twitter is called Spaces. In pilot mode, the discussion platform was launched last spring. In October, the live discussion development team opened all accounts. A few days later selected accounts were allowed to publish recordings of debates. Public debates within Spaces can thus be easily published de facto as podcasts, directly on Twitter.

In November 2021, the already mentioned Clubhouse also introduced the recording of live discussions.

Development has not stopped and it is now possible in Spaces monitor the number of people involved in the live broadcast a number of times the recording was played. This will only apply to those who host (and are allowed to upload) discussions.

Twitter according to the magazine TechCrunch has enlarged the test group several times and will test the recording for a while before releasing it to everyone.

Reaction videos on Twitter

Social networking is not just about audio. Twitter also announced an experiment with a TikToku-style video format. It is about short reaction videoswhich you can comment on tweets. Testing is currently limited to the iOS platform, as is common with Twitter.

You don’t just have to respond with a video, you can also add a photo to the network. Videos and photos serve as an alternative to text Retweets. TikTok itself introduced the response shortly after it was launched globally, ie more than three years ago. Last December, reactionary videos also integrated Instagram.

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