Iron Man, of all people, saved Iron Man and the MCU

Thanks to the latest special effects, for many actors it is no longer necessary inside, all the time or having to be on the set at all. Before returning to Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Sylvester Stallone, for example, has himself first cloned as a CGI image.

As director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films in the MCU, James Gunn has now made it clear that two of his stars never set foot on one of the film sets yourself to have. Given the nature of the work, this is not extremely surprising.

Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper have never been on the MCU set

According to Comic Book was James Gunn on Instagram asked, where Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper would be in the latest cast pictureshared by the director at the start of Guardians of the Galaxy production. To which Gunn replied:

The acting and motion capturing of Rocket is always done by Sean Gunn. The voice is taken over by Bradley. Neither Vin nor Bradley were ever on a Guardians set.

However, this revelation is not extremely surprising. Since both stars are heavily involved in other franchises such as Vin Diesel at Fast & Furious, their work for the MCU is limited to Studio recordings for the voices by Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

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Even if they won’t be on set in the sequel, we’ll hear Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper again as Groot and Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. MCU fans will have to be patient until the start. The Marvel blockbuster comes to us on 3. May 2023 to the movies.

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Would you have thought Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel have never been to an MCU movie set?

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