“Two compartments were flooded.  The storm continues ... "

Degaussing vessel “Balta” of the Ukrainian naval forces.

Photo: YouTube

It happened on October 13 in the Black Sea near Snake Island. There, due to a sharp deterioration in the weather (the wave rose up to 3-4 meters), an emergency occurred with the demagnetization vessel “Balta” of the Ukrainian Naval Forces (Naval Forces). According to the captain’s report, the ship ran into an unknown object and received a hole. An emergency situation has arisen. Water poured into two compartments and began to flood them. The crew began to fight for the survivability of the ship.

It was decided to anchor the ship. The command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine launched a rescue operation, in which ships, boats and aircraft were involved. The headquarters of the Ukrainian fleet reports: “Thanks to the confident actions of the ship’s crew, the emergency situation has stabilized. There is no threat to the life of personnel. There is no threat of losing the ship. An operation is currently underway to assist the damaged ship and return it to its permanent base.”

But the storm continues. And this seriously interferes with the rescue operation.

By the way, the ship “Balta” was completely repaired a year ago. This was the report of the Ukrainian Navy. At Balta, the equipment and engines were sorted out, the hull was cleaned and inspected, and even painted.

And here is such an emergency …


The demagnetization vessel “Balta” is designed to reduce the effect of the ships’ own magnetic fields, which are in service with the fleet. This is done to improve the reliability of instruments and weapons.

Balta was built in Gdansk (Poland). In 1987, the ship entered the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR Navy based in Sevastopol. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was transferred to the Ukrainian Navy (with tail number U811).

Technical characteristics of “Balta”:

Displacement – 1,811 tons

Length – 69.5 m

Width – 13.8 m

Draft – 3.98 m

Power plant – two Zgoda-Sulzer AL25D diesel engines with a capacity of 1,470 hp, two auxiliary diesel generators with a capacity of 384 kW and 180 kW

Travel speed – 13.6 knots

Cruising range – 1 200 miles

Autonomy – 30 days

Crew – 45 people

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