Two foreigners came to Medellín from the south

The expectation that the powerful fans had for the hiring of a striker to complete the payroll announced in previous days with the renewal and returns of some players, was confirmed with the arrival of Argentine Luciano Daniel Pons.

The popular “Crema”, as he is known especially by those of the Banfield’s “Southern Band”, arrives as a free agent to join those already known in that position Diber Cambindo and “Tití” Rodríguez.

To say that Pons is going to be the goal solution that Deportivo Independiente Medellín requires is audacious and even more so when the statistics do not favor him so much as to affirm that he is loaded with goals to continue scoring them in the ‘Dean’.

Nor can we express that it is a painting on the wall since the Argentine specialized press has positively referenced it to give us a piece of reassurance that it can work as we all hope.
It is clear that the Argentine striker has reached the “King of hearts” with a weight on his back due to the expectation that he has generated, the powerful fans have received him with pleasure and hope that he will respond with goals to that confidence that has been given to him. provided.

If the “Crema” takes advantage of our two wingers “Pipe” Pardo and “Chiquitín” Hernández in the generation and opening of the game that we all expect up front, I am sure that he will have the possibility of scoring many goals wearing our ‘Sagrada’.

In the same way, Óscar Javier Méndez has arrived at our institution, the Uruguayan multifunctional who has the powerful fans of Medellín excited not only by the contribution he can give to the team in the defensive part but by his physical appearance which has been highlighted in the different social networks.

It is expected that Méndez will make a pair in the defensive zone with our “Capi” since, as a stopper midfielder, the “People’s Team” has two important references for me, such as “Indio” and Arregui himself.

We celebrate the arrival of Pons and Méndez and it is expected that their contribution to our team will be essential to achieve the goal of winning. Our `Sagrada` is respected and it is only achieved when a player surrenders his last drop of sweat on the field and shows before a powerful fan that they come is to contribute football as it should be and more when they arrive from the south.

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