Water trucks and city hall teams during disinfection (Photo: Disclosure)


Service was resumed by the prefecture to contain the spread of covid-19 and H3N2 influenza viruses

By Ana Paula Chuva | 01/13/2022 15:19

Water trucks and city hall teams during disinfection (Photo: Disclosure)

Resumed yesterday (12), by the prefecture, the disinfection service against covid-19 will be in two neighborhoods of Campo Grande this Thursday (13). The teams pass through the Pioneiro and Universitário from 19:00h.

The streets that undergo disinfection are Pontalina and Ana Luiza de Souza, the main ones in the neighborhoods. Two water trucks will be used, each with ten thousand liters of chloride.

There are 30 people, including employees of Sisep (Municipal Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Services), Sesau (Municipal Secretariat of Public Health), Agetran (Municipal Transport and Traffic Agency) and Municipal Civil Guard.

Using a megaphone, the Civil Guard will provide information to residents about the work, in addition to helping to control traffic so that teams can disinfect.

On Wednesday, the teams were in the Aero Rancho neighborhood disinfecting Avenida Raquel de Queiroz. Also this week, the city council cleaned the public transport terminals and the Hércules Maymone integration point.

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