He spoke about the prevention measures of the Municipality

For the fourth time during the first half of January that were registered this Thursday serious accidents with ATVs in Pinamar. At the beginning of the season, two people had died from similar situations. This time it was about two young men who they circulated without any security measures and they were seriously injured.

It was confirmed by the security secretary of the seaside resort, Lucas Ventoso, to the newspaper La Nación. “They did not die of a miracle,” said the official. He also explained that “the victims are two quadricycle pilots who were not wearing helmets or any protection measure, they both drove in flip flops”.

One of the accidents occurred on the border between the private part of Monte Carlo and the public one. The driver “took a wire ahead and He was not beheaded by chance but he hurt his face and is hospitalized”Ventoso indicated. While the other “crashed only near Costa Smeralda and is very serious, with multiple injuries and internal bleeding,” he said.

“The entire public hospital of Pinamar is doomed to quadricycle accidents”, The official remarked and added: “It is not Covid-19, there is no other public health issue that affects more than absolutely preventable accidents,” in statements to TN. He also warned about ATV accidents: “There are hundreds who enjoy putting their own lives at risk and this is like playing Russian Roulette, this time they were miraculously saved”.

The words of Martín Yeza, mayor of Pinamar

Through a post on Twitter, days ago it was manifested Martin Yeza, Mayor of Pinamar about the circulation in this type of shot on the beach and the measures taken by the Municipality. “On the subject of quadricycles and 4x4s, I want to remind you that we have an entry control to the border of Pinamar”.

He spoke about the prevention measures of the Municipality (Capture Twtitter /)

At the same time, he remarked that “many who perhaps do not know Pinamar and see television images tend to think that ‘the area of ​​dunes’ is municipal jurisdiction. “We have already tried awareness campaigns, with high fines, hijacking of quadricycles. A father, a mother who, in addition to putting her own life at risk, does it with her children is not something that is resolved with an ordinance ”, he said.

The mayor of Pinamar

The mayor of Pinamar (Capture Twtitter /)

And he closed with a decision: “I have been from Pinamar all my life, I have been Mayor for 6 years. We will continue to promote alternatives, but I always contemplate and will contemplate that Because of a 1% that violates the rules, we are not going to harm an activity that the remaining 99% enjoys and enjoys.”.

The words of Martín Yeza

The words of Martín Yeza (Capture Twtitter /)

At the beginning of the 2022 summer season, two people died in Pinamar as a result of ATV accidents and a UTV. The first was a 34-year-old girl who died when the vehicle overturned on the border with Costa Esmeralda; and the second was a 31-year-old tourist who was traveling as a companion when the accident occurred 2.5 kilometers from La Frontera.

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