Two-time Olympic champion, Fabi Claudino, comments on Gustavo’s departure

Gustavo Cowboy’s departure from BBB23 on Saturday (25) generated comments on the web. Among those who spoke out is two-time Olympic volleyball champion and Key Alves teammate Fabi Claudino. “Successfully tie-break !!”, commented the athlete, alluding to the moment in Volleyball games that determine the tiebreaker between players or teams.

The athlete had already declared that she does not agree with Key’s game and was rooting for the cowboy’s elimination. “Just to make one thing very clear, it’s not because Key Alves is my teammate, that I have no opinion, she’s in a house playing and I’m against the game she’s playing. Which doesn’t stop me from talking about my vision from the outside. That’s why today, I’m a cowboy!”, Fabi also wrote on social media.

On the other hand, Key ALves’ sister, Keyt Alves, didn’t like Gustavo’s elimination. Keyt has been manifesting himself in the face of his sister’s game decisions and commented in a publication made by his ex-brother.

“You were amazing, brother-in-law. Let’s live life here, because inside those who judge are not those who live together, it’s the rotten and influenced from outside, “he said.

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