Two videos claim to show Muslims praying in the streets and blocking traffic in UK

Published on : 13/10/2021 – 18:30

Two videos have been circulating on Twitter and Facebook since September 27, claiming to show Muslims praying in traffic in the UK. In fact, one shows an incident that took place in Turkey, while the other is a street prayer organized in France in 2017 to protest the closing of a mosque.

A first video of an incident that occurred in Turkey

A first video, shared by several Facebook posts in Hindi from September 27, 2021 and early October, claims to show a Muslim praying in the middle of a road in London and obstructing the passage of cars. The caption reads: “London, which ruled over half the world 75 years ago, is now trapped in Islam”. The video has more than 8,000 views on Facebook.

Video posted September 27, 2021 on Facebook claiming to show a Muslim praying in the street in the UK

The video was shared with a similar caption here, and here on Facebook, and here on Twitter, still in Hindi.

A man can be heard on the video speaking in Turkish, and saying, “My uncle is praying in the middle of E-5. May Allah accept my nephew. Look at the state of the country. […] the qibla is on this side. The qibla is wrong. ”The qibla is the term used to refer to the direction of Mecca, in which a Muslim must turn to pray.

By performing a Google search from the first sentence spoken by the man, we find a article from Turkish news site En Son Haber, published on September 19, 2021, which posted the same video. The article says that a man performed prayers while ignoring the traffic of vehicles on Istanbul’s E-5 highway. The incident was covered by other Turkish media, such as by Tele 1, a Turkish television channel.

On the video, we can also see a yellow taxi on which is written “itaksi”, an online taxi service developed by the Municipality of Istanbul. A truck of the Erikli brand, a bottled water brand in Turkey, is also visible.

By following the indications of the Turkish media, one can find the place where the scene took place, that is to say on the E5 highway of Istanbul in front of the Metroport shopping center.

A photo available on Google Maps confirms that the man prayed there because the building can be recognized, with the name of the mall written on it, and the “Flo” and “Medical Part” logos.

The original video had been shared from September 19, 2020 on social networks.

The Turkish media do not provide an explanation of the background to this incident, whether it is the reasons that prompted this man to act in this way or possible legal consequences.

A video of a street prayer in France against the closure of a mosque

A second video shared on Twitter on October 12, 2021 claims to show a group of Muslims praying in the streets and blocking traffic in the UK. The caption reads in English: “While the British can continue to honk, Islam is at work 24 hours a day. This is the UK today.”

Second video posted on Twitter October 12, 2021, claiming to show Muslims praying in the streets in the UK

A reverse search shows that the same video was previously posted on Facebook et Twitter in November 2020, affirming that it is a street prayer in France.

On the video, we see French brand brands such as the Camaïeu clothing store, the Crédit Mutuel bank, which do not have stores in the United Kingdom. You can also clearly see a “Mairie de Clichy” bus stop.

By searching on Google for a street prayer that took place in Clichy, we find the same video, in a longer version, posted on the channel YouTube LDC News Agency, a YouTube channel that covers topics with an angle promoting yellow vests, March 23, 2017, titled “Street prayer after the administrative closure of a mosque”.

Based on this information, there are articles from several French media confirming that it is a street prayer that took place in Clichy against the closure of a mosque in the city and March 2017.

These two intoxes have been shared by Indian accounts, which claim that the Muslim community has “taken control” of the UK, amid tensions between Hindu nationalists and the Muslim minority in India. Physical attacks and attempted social media stigmatization of members of the Muslim minority regularly take place in the country.

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