Photos of some of the fines that arrived at the mechanic's house.  (Photos: Straight from the Streets)

In all, there are ten fines accumulated in the name of the mechanic, including two for very serious infractions

Photos of some of the fines that arrived at the mechanic’s house. (Photos: Straight from the Streets)

The 31-year-old Edemar Machado’s motorcycle plate was stolen more than two years ago and what seemed like something unimportant started to give a headache now. Recently, he started to receive about two fines a month, with very serious infractions. With the negative points on his CNH (National Driver’s License), the mechanic runs the risk of losing his driver’s license.

Edemar, told the reporter that he made the police report of the theft and then went after him to get another license plate for the motorcycle again. “It’s the only way I have to go to work. I went to Detran to regularize it, I paid for the new license plate, the one from Mercosur, and everything was ok for me!”, said the mechanic.

About six months ago, the various fines began to arrive at Edemar’s house, with the old license plate, 10 in total, including two with a very serious infraction, totaling R$ 880.00 for driving above the allowed speed. The others are for inflation considered medium and light, in the amount of R$ 195.00 and R$ 130.00. The ten come to R$ 2,800.

The report sought the assistance of Detran-MS (Transit Department) to understand what needs to be done in these situations and to give an answer to the mechanic. In a statement, the press office replied that it sent an official letter to Agetran (Transit Agency) requesting the cancellation of inflation.

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