Kumiko Kosaka --Próvolo

This Thursday, November 25th two years after the historic sentence in which two priests were convicted in Mendoza for the abuse of deaf and hard of hearing children and youth, which occurred in the Antonio Provolo Institute of Luján de Cuyo.

In this context, relatives and victims of the abuses committed at the Mendoza institute they claimed this Wednesday in front of the Courts because they consider that the second trial against two nuns, managers and employees lacks a gender, diversity and disability perspective.

This second trial is accused of two nuns along with other authorities and employees of the Institute. For what they will determine the criminal responsibility of the Japanese nun Kumiko Kosaka, for the crimes of aggravated sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

Kumiko Kosaka –Próvolo

The nun also sits on the dock Asuncion Martinez (53), the legal representative Graciela Pascual (65), the former directors Gladys Pinacca (66), Valeska Quintana (48), Cristina Leguiza (50) and Laura Gaetán (60).

Along with them will be the psychologist Cecilia Raffo (43) and the cook Naomi Paz (63), whose allegations revolve around the participation necessary by omission, that is to say that they are accused of facilitating abuses by not reporting them.

They denounce lack of speed in the trial of the Próvolo Case

The Collective for the Restitution of Rights to Survivors of the Próvolo denounced in a document “that the Catholic Church, through its lawyers, re-victimizes, censors and persecutes both to survivors of the harassment and to journalists and other fundamental actors in this process ”.

In addition, they reported that together with the Xumek organization, they carried out a extension of the complaint that had been presented in 2020 at the United Nations (UN).

On the other hand, they requested speed because of the almost 90 people who were summoned to testify, among witnesses and victims, “only three victims have completely done it, in conditions of extreme vulnerability ”.

“A procedure that would have to return their rights to the victims is damaging their psychophysical integrity and that of their families, given the constant attacks by the representatives of the Church that are tolerated by the new court, “said Erica, the sister of one of the victims, in dialogue with Telam.

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