Typhoon Kompasu-Maring causes 30 deaths in Southeast Asia |  News

At least 30 people have died in the Philippines and another 14 remain missing as a result of the passage through the north of the archipelago of Typhoon Maring, which this Thursday entered the territory of China, where it is called Kompasu and is registered as number 18 of the current season.


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As he passed through regions of Southeast Asia, Maring-Kompasu crossed the northern tip of the island of Luzon on Monday night, away from the Philippine territory, advanced in the direction of China and later approached the north of Vietnam.

The Philippine region of Ilocos Sur has registered the highest number of deaths with 14, followed by Benguet (nine) and Palawan (four).

According to local authorities, most of the victims perished when they were trapped by landslides or carried away by sudden waterspouts.

The National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management announced that almost 200,000 Filipinos have been affected by the storm, of which about 15,000 remain evacuated from their homes, according to the latest official figures.

During the last hours the tropical storm made landfall in Hong Kong, a special region of China, where it would have left at least one dead, according to local authorities.

They reported that they have opened 24 temporary shelters to which around 250 people have already gone to seek refuge.

In addition, in Hong Kong classes, the stock market and government services were suspended due to the passage of the typhoon, which had sustained winds of 83 km / h and gusts of up to 101 km / h.

The meteorological event is expected to move across the northern part of the South China Sea towards Hainan Island province in southern China, and then make landfall in northern Vietnam.

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