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The controversy is reopened: Jorge Vargas, very angry about the Melipilla-Huachipato case, threw himself against the salvation of the descent of the University of Chile. In his opinion, La Calera gave the final match not suitable for the faint of heart to the U for the last date.

Jorge Vargas reopens the controversy and very angry he does not buy the comeback of the U against La Calera.
© UNO agency and archiveJorge Vargas reopens the controversy and very angry he does not buy the comeback of the U against La Calera.

The former defender of the Catholic University and the Chilean team, with a long history of Italian football and Salzburg of Austria, Jorge Vargas, is not at all happy with the definition of the 2021 National Championship, which after the curtain closed was followed and continues playing off the court.

From the ANFP they decided to dilute the disaffiliation of Deportes Melipilla and “only” took six points away from Los Potros due to the controversy of the double contracts. Thus, the team of the Metropolitan Region descends directly to First B while Huachipato is saved by going to play the promotion against Copiapó. Curicó Unido comes out free of dust and straw and avoids the playoffs, maintaining the category definitively.

“It is rare that in the last few days strange things happen, I thought that over time things could improve in Chilean soccer, but I realize that the last dates are always special in the Chilean championship, not even in Bolivia things like that happen . If we want to aspire to go to a World Cup, and things are not clear, these situations are bad for football in general, “said Vargas in conversation with Paulo Flores and RedGol.

Power added that “things are bad, Huachipato went down on the court and now he is playing the promotion against Copiapó, who left the coach before playing that final and without knowing what was going to happen, strange things always happen.”

But that was not all, because the former defender assured that, in his opinion, Unión La Calera “gave” the victory to Universidad de Chile on the final date so that they could sentence the permanence, definitively saving himself from relegation. It should be remembered that for several minutes of the duel the Blues were in First B, this before scoring three goals on the epilogue to reverse the defeat that was sinking them.

“The police have to be on top of the teams in recent times, they have to be aware of everything, even checking the phones of those involved, it is abnormal for these situations to happen. Here in Europe, for example, telephones are tapped. That La Calera gives the game to the U cannot be, because everyone knows that he gave it to them. There is no audio to accuse those involved, they are just speculation. But I insist: La Calera gave the game to the U and nobody does anything, “said Vargas.

The former La Roja player added that “I am not surprised that a team like Huachipato, I played there, which now did things badly in terms of football, did not go down. Curicó also, that he is saved by secretary, seems too strange to me. If there were double contracts, everything should have been reviewed ahead of time, not on the last date ”.

Jorge Vargas declared that “Huachipato had been training for a long time and Curicó was on vacation. Melipilla goes down like this, one can say that it is justice, but the problem comes from a long time ago, there is no cleanliness in Chilean football ”.

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