Uber, the most popular transportation app.

The mobility company Uber continues with the implementation of new transportation options to improve the way its users travel in big cities. Under this premise, it launched a function in its mobile application that allows the user to rent a vehicle with a chauffeur by the hour and a cheap travel service.

With the new feature, called For time, Uber adds to its traditional service – requesting a car on demand, dividing the price and sharing the route with a trusted contact – the possibility of make unlimited stops.

This option is aimed directly at a user segment that needs to carry out various procedures in one day, as well as tourists who want to visit cities and get to know various places. In addition, it will be key for entrepreneurs who have to complete multiple deliveries during the same journey.

According to the details revealed by the company, the functionality, which targets vehicles with the options UberYa y Uber Comfort, seeks to become an ally for those who have different needs in the same day and becomes another option for generating income for landlords.

The “By Time” functionality began to be distributed first among the users of the Colombian transport app, while awaiting its arrival in Argentina in the coming months.

Another novelty that Uber did begin to implement in the country is focused on offering cheaper trips for users, specifically destined for when you see less travel movement, during “off-peak” hours (not available when demand peaks).

The function UberX Promo, at such times, the function is activated in the application and the user can opt for a trip with cheaper reference prices.

The final objective is to guarantee more demand for drivers with cheaper trips for users (it is worth clarifying that the cars and people who drive with UberX Promo are the same as for UberX trips).

Uber invests in Argentina

Uber, the most popular transportation app.

In line with its commitment to Argentina since 2016, the travel platform recently announced a investment of more than 2,200 million pesos, destined to the growth of your business in the national territory.

During 2020, Uber launched its service in 13 cities in the country and expects to be available in 25 more cities.

Since its launch, in just five years, Uber has enabled more than 400 thousand people will generate profits independently. In this same period, more than 7.5 million people were able to request a trip with ease, through the use of technology.

The investment is intended to grow the operation, with a focus on expanding to new cities, the recovery of the shared mobility industry and, in particular, of those who choose to provide services through applications independently.


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