Uber Shuttle

Uber announced last Wednesday (12) that it began operating in Brazil the Uber Shuttle, transport charter service for companies. The operation uses the platform’s mobility technology and offers, for corporate use, vehicles that accommodate between 10 and 50 people.

The new service can be used for company employees to travel to and from work. Travel management is carried out by the companies, but employees will be able to book a place on the bus themselves.

Through the application, professionals will also be able to check the route, stops available for boarding and disembarkation in real time, travel time and more information. For companies, Uber Shuttle offers weekly reports.

“We have noticed that companies are increasingly looking to offer benefits that are interesting for their employees and make sense for the business. Uber Shuttle for Business arrives at this moment and combines the ease of use of the Uber app with the offer of a new product”, explained Tavane Gurdos, director of Uber for Business in Latin America.

As with private trips, Uber Shuttle will feature safety features such as driver selfie ID check, criminal background check, document review, selfie to check mask use and more.

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