Ugandan children dance ‘Cria da Ivete’ by Ivete Sangalo and the singer melts

The singer Ivete Sangalo melted when sharing a video this Sunday (26) where children from the group “Hypers Kids Africa” dance to the hit “Cria da Ivete”.

In the images, the little ones have fun with the choreography of the singer’s carnival hit and even improvise a battery with pots and basins.

“Africa is Groove. Warn that the world is dancing! #criadaivete”, wrote the singer in the caption of the publication that surpassed 300 thousand likes in just four hours.

The “Hypers Kids Africa” group has 176 thousand followers on Instagram, 6.38 thousand subscribers on YouTube and is awarded locally and internationally. According to organizers, it came about as a way to use dance to keep children away from violence.

See the video:

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