UK: Man Arrested Accused of Murdering Ex-Partner and His Autistic Son

United Kingdom.- A man was arrested accused of stabbing to death his ex-girlfriend and her 9-year-old autistic son.

Daniel Boulton traveled more than 17 kilometers on foot to reach the house of Bethany Vincent, 26 years old, in Louth, Lincolnshire.

According to local media The Sun, the man went to the home in the company of his baby and while arguing with the woman, the minor crawled around the house.

Shortly thereafter, the 30-year-old stabbed Bethany “numerous times” and Darren Henson, a 9 year old autistic boy.

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Baby crawled while man murdered his ex-girlfriend and her autistic son. (Photo: The Sun).

When the authorities arrived at the house, they found a crawling baby and the bodies of the woman and the minor, as well as a note that said: “I, Daniel Boulton, assume full responsibility for 182.”

“Both appeared to have been stabbed numerous times and, in addition to obvious stab wounds, had marks consistent with blunt force trauma – having been struck by something,” the prosecutor said in court.

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Boulton and Vincent met at TinderHowever, over time the relationship had “deteriorated” so much that they went to court and Daniel already had a restraining order months before the murder.

Daniel, who has pleaded not guilty to the murder of the woman and the child, had been arrested after stabbing an off-duty police officer hours after the murder.

Baby crawled while man murdered his ex-girlfriend and her autistic son. (Photo: The Sun).

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