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Lima, November 25, 2021Updated 11/25/2021 10:51 am

The United Kingdom offered France to contribute “agents on the ground” and technological solutions to control migration through the English ChannelBritish Interior Minister Priti Patel said in Parliament on Thursday.

SIGHT: Shipwreck in the English Channel: 27 migrants die trying to reach the United Kingdom from France

“We have contacted (Paris) once again to make our offer very clear in terms of cooperation between the United Kingdom and France“Patel said, following the deaths yesterday of at least 27 people trying to reach Britain in a small boat.

The minister argued in the House of Commons that a “coordinated international effort” is necessary to tackle the “global crisis of illegal migration” and prosecute traffickers who “exploit and manipulate” people.

Yesterday’s incident, in which seventeen men, seven women and three minors died, is the most serious of this nature recorded so far in the English Channel.

Patel said today that the event “was not a surprise”, after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested yesterday that the French government has not taken all the steps it considers necessary to try to prevent migrants from trying to arrive by sea. to the UK.

“People should ask for asylum in the first safe country they arrive in. No one needs to flee France to find safety, ”Patel said today, highlighting that the new nationality and borders law being processed by the British Government will address the challenges posed by the arrival of migrants to the United Kingdom.

The legislation proposes raising the sentences for “attempting to enter the UK illegally” from six months to four years in prison.

It will also increase the powers of British agents to “stop and divert vessels suspected of carrying illegal migrants to the UK and – subject to the agreement with relevant countries such as France – return them to where their maritime journey began.”

It also provides that the British Government processes asylum applications while the applicants remain “out of the country”.

The Interior spokesman for the Labor opposition, Nick Thomas-Symonds, insisted that his party will not support the processing of this law, considering that it “violates the refugee convention” and “damages the position (of the United Kingdom) in the world.” .

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