Ukraine denounces a massive cyberattack against government websites |  News

Ukraine denounced this Friday that it was the victim of a massive cyber attack that affected several government websites, including those of the Cabinet of Ministers, the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Emergency and others.


Russia assures the US that it has no intention of invading Ukraine

“As a result of a massive attack, the sites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a certain number of other government agencies are temporarily out of service,” the spokesman for Ukrainian diplomacy said.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry official said computer experts are working to restore the website and announced that the country’s police have opened an investigation to find those responsible.

Before the website of the Foreign Ministry was blocked, the perpetrators of the cyberattack posted a threatening message on their home page in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

The Ukrainian authorities reported that no one claimed responsibility for the attack.

The alleged cyberattack takes place in a context of growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, whom Kiev and its allies accuse of planning a new invasion of Ukrainian territory.

Accusations that have been rejected by Russia, which maintains that it has no intention of invading or attacking the neighboring country.

This week several meetings were held between Russian and Western officials to try to defuse the crisis with Ukraine, but to no avail.

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