UN condemns the execution of two young men in Tibú, Colombia |  News

The United Nations (UN) on Sunday condemned the execution of a 12-year-old boy and an 18-year-old by unknown armed men in the municipality of Tibú, department of Norte de Santander, Colombia.


Organizations warn of serious situation in Chocó, Colombia

In a message broadcast through Twitter, the UN urged the authorities of the South American nation to investigate what happened to both young people, as well as to guarantee respect for life and the protection of children.

According to local media, the boys were apprehended last October 9 by the community, after having committed a robbery in a commercial establishment.

In a video allegedly taken inside the store and disseminated through social networks, one of their captors can be heard telling them that they will be handed over to the Police.

However, hours later they were found assassinated next to a road, with their hands tied and gunshots to the back of the neck. Next to them, a sign read: “Thieves.”

They question police action

Local media published this Monday that uniformed officers in this town of Catatumbo will be investigated for possible negligence and omission of their duties.

The Police Commander in Norte de Santander, Colonel Carlos Martínez, declared that he received several complaints from the community about the late reaction to the case, and from them requested an internal disciplinary investigation and another by the military criminal justice.

This joins the investigation conducted by the Colombian Attorney General’s Office, which formed a group of investigators, prosecutors and other experts to clarify what happened.

Hours ago it was learned that three men (whose names are not disclosed), who held the youths in Tibú, phoned the police authority more than a dozen times to deliver them and were not treated.

In statements to the media, they added that unknown and heavily armed individuals forced them to hand over the youths.

The Colombian Police offered a reward of 100 million pesos (around 26,553 dollars) for those responsible, and blamed the dissidents of guerrilla groups for the incident.

Other convictions of the fact

The general director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), Lina Arbeláez, said that “nothing justifies an act of violence that threatens the life or integrity of those who hope to build a different country.”

Also repudiated the crime, among others, the political leaders Gustavo Petro, Sergio Fajardo and Alejandro Gaviria, who said through a tweet that this murder shows paramilitary violence that has become customary and legitimized.

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