UN publishes figure of murdered activists in Colombia;  Argentina in emergency before forest fires;  Trafficking victims rescued in Mexico;  China, first to find water on the Moon ›Hilo Directo› Granma

UN publishes the number of murders of human rights activists in Colombia

The UN Office for Human Rights. H H. In Colombia, it disclosed that at least 78 human rights defenders were assassinated in the South American country in the year that ended. The entity reported 202 accusations, of which 78 concluded with the investigation process, 39 are still in process and 85 cases are inconclusive. The agency clarified that the numbers do not reflect all the murders in Colombia, but the reported cases that have been received and verified. (Telesur)

Argentine government declares emergency for forest fires

The Government of Argentina declared an emergency throughout the territory in order to urgently address the sources of forest fires that break out in the province of San Luis, Buenos Aires, Formosa and Río Negro. The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development will be in charge of adopting strategic measures to quell any catastrophe of this nature in the South American nation and the measure is declared for one year. Thus, it seeks to adopt urgent actions and summon provincial agencies and authorities to deal with the fires and activate restoration plans in the affected areas. Likewise, budget items may be restructured, modified or reallocated to strengthen the State’s capacity to respond to this emergency. (Telesur)

Thousands of victims of human trafficking rescued in Mexico

The National Migration Institute announced that in collaboration with the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) they rescued 7,329 victims of trafficking, trafficking and similar crimes during 2021. This operation could be possible through communication and coordination of joint actions in three operations police. During the past year, Mexico faced an unprecedented migration crisis. Authorities detained 228,115 migrants and deported 82,627 from January to October 2021, numbers never seen in more than 15 years. (Telesur)


China becomes the first country to find water on the moon in real time

The Chinese lunar lander Chang’e 5 became the first spacecraft to detect water on the Moon in real time. With the help of an instrument that detects water by determining spectral reflectivity measurements of the soil and lunar rocks, the Chinese mission was able to find water at the landing site, that is, the Procellarum basin, located on the visible side of the Moon. In the decade of the 70s of the last century, the astronauts of the American Apollo mission took lunar samples that contained water, but the liquid was not detected until decades later in the laboratory, after a technological advance of the research devices. (Telesur)

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