In dialogue with Noticias Caracol, the Portuguese said that the health crisis revealed that “There is not enough solidarity in the world”, and that “what happened with vaccines is an example of that”.

The Secretary General of the United Nations pointed out that what was evident is that “there is no effective coordination between states“, And that the pandemic developed in several phases that did not respond to what was really needed:

“First a system in which vaccines were to accumulate, then we lived a period of vaccinating nationalism and now vaccinating diplomacy, but what we needed was a global vaccination plan to vaccinate all people as quickly as possible,” he told that newscast.

In this sense, he slipped a brief criticism of the World Health Organization (WHO), saying that “raised a strategy that is not ideal“, But he acknowledged that he did it” knowing what is in the world. “

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Looking ahead, Guterres said the plan is to have “at least 40% of the population of all countries vaccinated at the end of the year and 70% in July“.

“It is an ambitious goal because it is not an average, it is in all countries of the world,” he added.

This is the segment of Guterres’ interview, who mainly spoke about the implementation of peace in Colombia:

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