Under-20 Brazilian: Flamengo thrashes Athletico, finishes qualifying as leader and will have a classic ahead

away from home (Photo: Cahuê Miranda/Athletico Paranaense)

For the last round of the classification phase of the Brazilian Under-20, the Flamengo thrashed Athletico-PR by 4-1, at CT do Caju, in Curitiba. The goals of the Rio de Janeiro club were scored by Ryan Luka, Gabriel Barros, Peralta and Igor Jesus; Rômulo Caroso scored for the home team, who left in front of the scoreboard.

With the result, Flamengo secured first place in the classification phase of the Brazilian, with 39 points, and will face Vasco (eighth) in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Athletico (fifth) will have São Paulo (fourth) ahead of them. The CBF will also release the match dates.


The Garotos do Ninho started the match looking for the attack and exchanging passes in the offensive field. But it was Athletico who opened the scoring: on minute 13, Rômulo Cardoso, after an individual play in the area, took a long shot and hit a beautiful shot: 1-0.

Flamengo reacted quickly and left everything the same, at 21. Kayke David made a good play on the right side of the area and rolled to the middle. Ryan Luka appeared well placed in the small area and only pushed for the goal: 1 to 1. Soon after, Fla turned. Gabriel Barros received it in the area and finished hard on the goalkeeper’s right corner: 2-1.

Early in the second half, Pedro Arthur made a great move on the left and crossed in the area. The ball fell to Peralta, who completed it to the net: 3-1. Even with a comfortable advantage on the scoreboard, the Garotos do Ninho did not slow down the pace and continued marking under pressure, making it difficult for Athletico to leave the ball.

On 16′, Igor Jesus took advantage of the cross in the area and scored Mengão’s fourth goal: 4-1. Fla continued in the attack and continued to create more opportunities to expand the score. In the final minutes, Mais Querido managed the result and finished the classification phase of the Brazilian in first place.

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