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Gui Araújo, Erasmo Viana, Aline Mineiro and Mileide Mihaile will compete in the farmer’s first competition of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), today at 22:45. The pawns guaranteed a spot in the dispute for the position this morning, after winning a dynamic of marksmanship.

In the surprise competition, Erasmo Viana was the most outstanding pawn, eliminating a total of three names: Valentina Francavilla, Tati Quebra Barraco and Liziane Gutierrez. Gui Araújo, Aline and Mileide also got it right once each and got the opportunity to dispute the spot in the first week of the game.

Solange, Nego do Borel, Victor Pecoraro, Dynho, Mussunzinho and Dayane were banned from the competition, as they were chosen by the house to be in the stall.

Dynamics for the test

In the preview and on yesterday’s program, presenter Adriane Galisteu showed the place and explained how the farmer’s first tasting will be. Affectionately called “Dri” by the participants, she said that the race has two stages and that she will be on one of the mezzanines following all the action.

Four pedestrians will run to try to fit the rings to the structure hanging on panels, using hooks. The fastest three will move to the second stage, where the mission is to throw the rings on the shovels and reveal the word farmer. Whoever does it first, gets the first farmer’s hat in this edition.

The Farm 2021: Spoiler of the farmer’s first trial

Image: Reproduction/Youtube

The winner of the dispute gains immunity in the formation of the fields, manages to appoint a direct pawn to the hot seat, distributes all rural tasks, such as taking care of the animals and taking out the garbage, in addition to solving any tie in voting.

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