Scene from the Disney movie 'Aristogatas' (Reproduction)

They are sleepy, playful and love a lap. No matter their age, cats always behave like children.

If you treat your feline like a baby and hear criticism for it, use the arguments below to your advantage.

are playful
Polka dots, feathers, tunnels, scratchers. The list of toys for cats is extensive. And all of them, in a way, awaken the feline’s hunting instinct. In fact, the big annual event for pussies takes place in December, when we set up the Christmas tree. They go crazy. According to veterinarian Lia Nasi, a specialist in cats, one of the reasons for the attraction to Christmas trees is that they love to climb. “This goes back to the origins of their ancestors”, he says. It is part of the feline instinct to stay in high places so that the cat feels safe and can observe its prey more closely. That’s why, in addition to Christmas trees, they often climb on refrigerators, shelves and tall furniture. In the photo gallery below, learn how to make a toy for your cat.

love lap
Okay, not all cats are lap fans. But some love to sleep and even walk around in the arms of their tutors. Bone is one of them. The reader must have already seen a picture of him circulating on social networks: a very cute kitten, with a backpack on his back, clinging to his tutor’s lap. The pussy looks like a baby and lives in Thailand, Asia. There he is a feline celebrity, participates in events, TV shows and is photographed wherever he goes. On her Instagram profile, where she has 534,000 followers, you can follow Bone’s life. There are pictures and videos of the pussy walking on the beach, on the grass and posing indoors.

like milk
Is it just opening the milk carton, cheese or even butter and your cat climbs on top of the sink meowing? According to veterinarian Lia Nasi, some cats really are crazy about milk. “Maybe because of the protein or because they remember the mother’s affection, especially those who weaned very early”, he says. However, it is not recommended to offer this food to the pet. Some kittens may experience vomiting and diarrhea after eating not only milk but other foods that contain lactose. “With age, as happens with humans, the animal’s organism decreases the production of lactase, which is the enzyme responsible for the digestion of lactose, the sugar present in milk and its derivatives”, he explains.

Scene from the Disney movie ‘Aristogatas’ (Reproduction)

are sleepers
Like human babies, cats take several naps throughout the day. On average, pussies usually sleep 15 hours a day — that’s the same amount of time babies 3 to 4 months old sleep. But most of these hours are all light sleepers. Genetically, domestic cats are not very different from their evolutionary ancestor, the Puma (our pussies, the Patas, are a subspecies of it). Therefore, despite sleeping a lot, they need to be always alert to hunt prey or flee from an attack.

The cat Nico hugs the cat Tapioca (Personal Archive)
The cat Nico hugs the cat Tapioca (Personal Archive)

don’t like bathing
There are exceptions, but in general, like many children, cats don’t like to bathe. Pedro Horta, a veterinarian specializing in cats, does not recommend cosmetic baths (when there is no medical indication). He explains that, in addition to the fact that most cats are very stressed with contact with water, the bath removes the pheromones they have in their skin. These chemical substances are produced by the body itself and are related to the animal’s sense of well-being and identity. “It is common for cats to compulsively lick themselves after taking a bath. He is desperately trying to replace all those pheromones he lost,” says Pedro. “The smell of a bath can be very good for us, but for the cat it is not”, he points out.

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