Unemployment has cost a quarter of what the Government wanted to collect with tax reform

The figure was revealed by the new Minister of Finance, José Manuel Restrepo, in conversation with the newspaper PortafolioIn other words, the cost of the national strike reaches the astronomical sum of 484,000 million pesos a day.

The minister was emphatic in blaming these losses on the blockades and acts of vandalism during the protests that began on April 28, motivated by the government’s attempt to pass a tax reform that was hitting the Colombian middle class.

In addition to agriculture (dairy farmers, potato growers, etc.), other sectors of the economy affected by unemployment and mentioned by the head of the Treasury portfolio are hotels, manufacturing, transportation and construction.

The strike has hit many producers

One of the many cases of peasants and food producers affected by the blockades is that of the company Minido, which sells eggs in the Eje Cafetero region.

Said company could not receive the cardboard trays to pack 30 eggs from the factory that supplies them, located in Buga, Valle, and which sells them to 80% of the egg traders in the region.

The consequence of not receiving the packages was that Minido was unable to sell the hundreds of thousands of eggs.

Peasants complain that the national strike is breaking them

Farmers from Tuta, Boyacá, made a request for the roads to be permanently opened so they can sell the food that is being lost.

“The transporters say they are not taking risks because they see the disorders on the tracks. They will not run the risk of having their car broken and they being attacked. If the authorities are attacked, what is expected of a driver who is passing cargo on a highway, ”said Édgar Medina, a farmer from Tuta.

Medina added that he supports the strike, but is against the roadblocks that are preventing the free movement of people throughout the country.

The Boyacense regretted that the strike initiative has become a double-edged sword that is beginning to affect the peasants in the area, who report losses of 22,000 million pesos, after two weeks of blockades.

Some truckers who blocked access to Bogotá on 80th Street in recent days claimed that they need more security on the roads, that the intermediation in the contracting of freight be eliminated, that the prices of tolls lower, that the police not pursue them when hit the scales and stop the steady increase in fuel prices.


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