Rattrap, Rhinox and Optimus Primal from the cartoon template

Autobot disciples: inside can rejoice: Your favorite action series will be continued and the first Transformers 7 pictures already show the greatest heroes plus villains. The best new characters are missing there, however: the so-called Maximals – half human, half prehistoric cattle.

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Best new Transformers 7 characters are giving the action franchise a new direction

As is already known, the article title Rise of the Beasts is no coincidence: Transformers 7 will take up the theme of the cartoon series Transformers: Beast Wars, in which the Maximals succeed the Autobots.

Unlike their predecessors: inside they are not transformed from a fighting giant into a car, but into a the gigantic version of a wild animal. However, they share a noble disposition with their ancestors. The most famous Maximals include:

  • Optimal Prime – a direct descendant of Autobot Optimus Prime and leader of the Maximals who transforms into a giant gorilla
  • Airazor – a maximum with a cool head and self-confidence that can transform into a hawk
  • Rhinox – an incredibly strong maximal with a massive rhinoceros as a secondary form and a very straightforward attitude
  • Cheetor – a juvenile hothead and, especially in the form of a cheetah, the fastest of the maximums
  • Catch up – a maximum that a rat can transform and, as such, prefers secret routes to great battles

Rattrap, Rhinox and Optimus Primal from the cartoon template

According to the first major revelations for Transformers 7, the new action cracker is so far only the first three maxima confirmed. So far, however, there are no pictures of them. However, the rich Beast Wars mythology could fill entire series of films.

New Transformers 7 figures make previous action heroes look old

According to the original cartoon template from 1996, Maximals represent a new generation of Autobots: Over 300 years after the great war between the Transfomers heroes: inside and their Decepticon enemy: inside most of the Autobots got involved in a profound event called “The big upgrade“transformed into Maximals.

Like their ancestors, the Fauna Transformers fight a nasty archenemy, the so-called Predacons. This villain faction also turns into animals, but mostly takes the form of reptiles or amphibians. Through a leap in time, both parties land on prehistoric earth and war against each other.

Looking forward to a new transformer future: Optimus Prime

However, there are also many other story templates that the Transformers 7 plot can use. As Rise of the Beasts takes place in New York and Peru in the 90s, director Steven Caple Jr. may be telling a whole new story. Hopefully, with the potential of the new characters, he can lead the action franchise to new dignities.

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