Headquarters of the Hospital da Cassems, in Três Lagoas.  (Photo: Disclosure)

Manifestation is planned after lack of collective agreement for readjustment of nurses, technicians and assistants

Headquarters of the Hospital da Cassems, in Três Lagoas. (Photo: Disclosure)

The SETA (Union of Nurses, Technicians and Auxiliaries) of Três Lagoas, filed a strike signal at the Cassems Hospital, with an expected start of the strike on Tuesday (23). The manifestation is the result of the non-progress of negotiations of the Collective Agreement of 2020 and 2021 with the hospital institution.

“We have been, since May last year, without a salary adjustment. According to the president of Cassems, he is unable to make this agreement. Our category understands that in 2020 efforts should be aimed at saving lives, which we did with great mastery, dedicating ourselves day after day, together with other professionals, however, it is only fair that we are rewarded and recognized for so much dedication”, highlighted the president of SETA, João Carvalho.

In July of this year, the union filed the state of strike, and the hospital appealed through the TRT-MS (Regional Labor Court of Mato Grosso do Sul), to reconcile the negotiations.

“They used this mechanism only to swindle our category, they made fun of us, presenting a proposal that would subtract our rights. So far we have not been called for negotiations, so we are going to use the strike, which is our right, to try to draw attention to the importance of class”, concluded Carvalho.

Readjustment – The category is demanding a 7.5% salary increase, food voucher of R$ 380.00, without restrictions, meal ticket of R$ 30.00 per day, health plan without monthly fees, in addition to the initial salary base for nurses, R$ 3,800 .00, technician and assistant R$ 2,340.00.

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