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The presidency has meant Joe Biden a huge challenge. Regardless of your experience in Washington it seems that, at least on the most important issues, the Democratic president often trips over the same stones.

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What if they are the republicansWhat if he is constitutional Court, what if they are the antivacunas. The great reforms proposed by Biden fall on deaf ears or are delayed ad nauseam.

This Thursday the 13th, for example, the Supreme Court struck a new blow against his government. After the president tried to make the vaccine mandatory for workers in companies with more than one hundred employees, the high court responded that this exceeded its jurisdiction.

Said resolution invites us, in this article, to remember other occasions in which the policies of Biden they have not prospered or have faced enemies that hold them back.

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Not everyone wants the vaccines

When Biden completed 50 days at the head of U.S, addressed the citizens and asked them to get vaccinated. On that occasion, he said that if the interest of the people was combined with the good management and distribution of the vaccines (by local governments), the return to normality could come on July 4, the Independence Day de EE.UU.

Have faith in government to do its most important job, which is to protect the American people“, Held.

But from saying to doing there was a long way.

not even offering 100 dollars for people to be vaccinated, a difference was made.

The fact is that, by September of last year, Biden ran out of patience and announced that he was already preparing a rule to force workers in private companies with more than one hundred employees to be vaccinated.

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The measure was also extended to federal workers and members of the Armed forces.

However, as stated in the preface to this article, the Supreme Court ruled that Biden exceeded his authority. His plan to vaccinate the entire country did not receive judicial support.

A failed social plan

Biden came close to achieving a new version of the New Deal with your social plan Build Back Better. Passed in November 2021 at the House of Representatives, the package of rules would expand the Welfare State with a budget of 1.75 billion dollars.

Several months of negotiations and confronting the filibustering of politicians like Kevin McCarthy, Republican minority leader, who, to delay the vote, gave a speech of more than eight hours.

Despite his efforts, the package was approved and only needed to be ratified by the Senate. However, the opposition and an infiltrator within the Democratic ranks managed to stall it.

What did it mean to approve these measures?

The country” notes that the cut in the cost of “some medications for the elderly”, the promotion of aid for “care of children”, as well as setting the “universal free preschool education” and the “home care for elderly”.

How would it be financed? Raising taxes on the richest.

He was the Democratic senator Joe Manchin who ostracized this package. He has already announced that he will not support the proposal.

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The vanguard explains the situation:Given the 50-way tie in the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris’s ability to sway the outcome, Manchin’s stance is decisive”.

The coal lobby, which denies climate change and fights against renewable energy, is one of the main financiers of Manchin. Climate change is one of the great challenges of this ambitious legislative proposal”.

Electoral reforms

A few days ago, Biden traveled to Georgia to campaign for the approval of his electoral reform. According to the Semana portal, what the Democrat is looking for is “harmonize” the conditions and ensure that the conditions are the same in the “what do americans vote for”.

Specifically, these are two legislative initiatives: John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act Y freedom to vote law.

What was he looking for with them? Basically, avoid that he Republican Party prepare the ground formake it difficult to vote in the next electoral cycles and, thus, potentially reverse a result that does not favor them”.

A Peruvian man remember that, during 2021, the Republicans approved “33 laws that restrict voting in 19 states”. This, adds the media, would increase partisan influence in the electoral administration.

There will be no other option but to change the rules of the Senate, including ending filibustering”, declared Biden.

With less than ten months to go before the midterm legislative elections (early November), Biden’s move seems to have failed.

What happened?

Two Democratic senators, centrists Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, have announced they will not support changing the Senate rules.”, notes The Voice of Galicia.

Without both, winning a Senate election is impossible.

All these missteps have caused Biden’s popularity to plummet. According RFI, this one goes in “33% 10 months before legislative elections that -according to forecasts- will lead the Republican opposition to control both houses of Congress”.

Another broken promise

In August 2021, the Supreme Court said that attempts to Biden for trying to avoidevictions in times of pandemic”.

It was a campaign promise that sought to create a kind of federal association (between the government, states and cities) for reduce the rental price” and that “no one else is evicted”.

The High Court argument that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention they did not havethe authority to declare the suspension imposed at the beginning of August and that provided protection to some 3.5 million Americans in places of high risk of contagion”.

El País recalls that the moratorium originally ended on December 31, 2020, but that the Congress extended it for another month”as part of the aid package against COVID-19″.

In this context, the CDC chose to take said flag and hoist it until July.

In response, the judges they said:

It is indisputable that the public has a great interest in combating the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus, but our system does not allow agencies to act illegally even in pursuit of desirable ends.”.

Migration has no solution

Joe Biden could not keep his promise to end the controversial program stay in mexico, policy devised by his predecessor Donald Trump.

The BBC remember that once Biden arrived at the White Houseended with that program. The country notes that, with this move, more than 13,000 people were able to complete their immigration procedures without having to leave the United States.

In August, however, a federal court ordered restore it since its “closure was not done correctly”.

In favor of Biden the judge came out Samuel Alito, who Brake the reimplementation of Migrant Protection Protocol, actual name of the program. What was sought was to give the Government time to support the reasons for ending it.

But on August 24 of last year, the Supreme Court decided to agree with the Texas judge (Matthew Kacsmaryk) that dictated that Stay in Mexico had to be restored.

The judges considered that Biden failed to justify ending the program and that its closure, communicated in a Department of Homeland Security memorandum, had been ‘arbitrary and capricious’”, remember The country.

Thus, at the end of December of last year, the Biden administration came to the High Court to support his case and, finally, end Stay in Mexico. There is still no more news on this subject.


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