The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, spreads throughout the world

The community of Merced, in the state of California, in U.S, is dismayed after the terrible event that occurred this Wednesday in the Le Grand apartment complex and that claimed the lives of three brothers aged 3, 5 and 8 years.

Apparently, the mother of the deceased minors, identified as Patricia Ortiz, would be the main suspect of the multiple murder.

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Le Grand is characterized by the fact that most of its inhabitants are families latinas and it is a small community in which everyone knows each other, which is why the neighbors are afflicted and it is believed that they were the ones who called the authorities.

According to local media, the bodies of the three children, identified as Anna Ortiz (8 years old), Mateo (out of five) and Alexa (of three), were found this Wednesday around 2 pm at their mother’s house, after she picked them up from school.

At the moment, the authorities have not given details of how the minors were killed, or how their bodies were found.

As stated by Daryl Allen, a spokesperson for the county sheriff’s office, told Telemundo, the crime scene shocked them too much, especially since they were “three dead babies”.

Upon arrival, a woman was also found on the ground who had apparently tried to take her own life, for which she was taken to a medical center. Moments later they managed to identify that it was the mother of the little ones.

So far, the woman is the main suspect in the crime and it is expected that, after her recovery at the clinic, she can be transferred to the county penitentiary on charges of homicide.

In the meantime, the investigations are expected to determine the mother’s motives for committing this heinous act and also to investigate whether there might be someone else involved.

In addition, the authorities are asking the residents of the sector to contact them in case of any information relevant.



The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, expands around the world


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