The University of Sports statement on the health of Gregorio Pérez.

Jean Ferrari, administrator of Sports University, broke the news: Gregorio perez He had suffered “a health mishap” and, therefore, had to undergo a “surgical intervention”. The information generated concern in Peruvian soccer fans and, to learn more details about it, the Merengue entity shared a statement hours later.

In the pronouncement of the University, it was reported step by step what was the procedure followed by the Uruguayan coach: since he felt a “chest pain”, to then be transferred to a clinic in the capital and be evaluated there to know the diagnosis: syndrome coronary.

Because of the illness, Don Gregorio was intervened by the doctors and the University explained that “he is stable and has been constantly monitored by the team of cardiologists and specialists of the clinic.”

The medical issue that Gregorio Pérez occupies occurs in the middle of the preseason work of the Sports University, with a view to the start of League 1 2022 and the participation of the student team in the Copa Libertadores.

This is the statement from the Sports University:

In reference to the health of our technical director, Gregorio Pérez, the University Sports Club informs the great cream family, the media and public opinion in general, the following:

-At 4:00 pm today, Don Gregorio suffered chest pain, because the club’s medical staff transferred him to a clinic in Miraflores, being immediately attended by the cardiology service.

-After his evaluation, the DT was diagnosed with coronary syndrome, undergoing catheterization.

-Don Gregorio is stable and has been constantly monitored by the clinic’s team of cardiologists and specialists.

-The medical staff of the University of Sports closely follows the state of health of Don Gregorio, who appreciates the public displays of support for his health.

-The arrival of their relatives in Lima is expected in the next few hours. From the University Sports Club, we hope the speedy recovery of our technical director. The family and the biggest fans in Peru await you back.

Strength, Don Gregorio!

The University of Sports statement on the health of Gregorio Pérez.

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