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The sport of the mind is full of terms that make a layperson not completely understand anything, thinking about it, we created this space to explain everything

Unraveling the words of the little game;  poker terms – Part 8 (Photo: Montage)


Unraveling the words of the little game; poker terms – Part 8 (Photo: Montage)

Playing poker is not difficult. Learning the rules of the game is very easy and anyone can enjoy this sport of mind. However, advancing in studies requires a minimal understanding of some terms, because many words in this game are in english and don’t make any sense if translated, that’s why we created the poker terms section.

The first time it was published we explained some very basic words and the same happened in the second part. In the third and fourth we have already advanced a little more, describing the types of players, for example. In the fifth and sixth episode we cover very generic words from the little game, while in the last we unravel the meaning of Straddle. Now let’s find out other words.

Continuation Bet

In many places this action is described by the abbreviation C-Bet. In the past, continuation betting was a bit of a must-have in poker, but the evolution of the sport has made this a very broad subject and there are several aspects, such as late C-betting, when the aggressor decides to continue betting only on the turn. Generally speaking, this action is a bet made by the aggressor on the previous street.


The name is chic, but here in Brazil the definition is a good old drill. This is when the player needs a card right there in the heart to make a straight. An example is the athlete of the mind who has JT and the flop comes AQ2. In this case he needs a K, four outs, to make the straight from A to ten.

Slow Roll

This is a deplorable attitude in poker and is considered to be in very bad taste, but some players use this device to cause their opponents to lose control. Slow Roll is when an athlete has the best possible combination and takes a long time to call a bet. Doing such a thing is generally a reprehensible attitude for everyone.

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