UOL in Summer: Arthur Zanetti plays futmesa - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

The UOL arena in the summer, in São Paulo (SP) received the presence of gymnast Arthur Zanetti, gold medalist in artistic gymnastics, on Saturday (8).

In the space, which will be open to the public next weekend (January 15th and 16th) and offers several free activities, the Olympic champion experienced the futmesa for the first time — and approved the modality.

“It was a very fun experience! It’s a sport that recruits a lot of legs, physical conditioning and balance. And the soft sand made the game even more intense”, commented Zanetti.

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

The athlete, who has already recovered from a shoulder surgery performed at the end of November and has just returned from vacation, said that this week he will resume general preparation training, with weight training and running, to gain physical conditioning and start specific training. of gymnastics. Glad we were able to lend a hand.

Come and try futmesa you too in the arena UOL in summer, which is located in the Butantã neighborhood, in São Paulo. Admission is free — below, you can see the full event agenda.

Futmesa and its benefits

The first records of futmesa appeared in 2016, with Ronaldinho Gaúcho, in Spain, and the sport did not take long to arrive in Brazil and become a success among amateur and professional footballers. To give you an idea, the sport was used as a warm-up technique by the Brazilian football team in the Russian Cup in 2018.

UOL in Summer: Arthur Zanetti plays futmesa - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL
Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

Its rules are based on table tennis and footvolley, with the hand never touching the table or the ball.

Futmesa is played on an adapted ping-pong table with rounded edges, measuring 1.80 x 2.85 m (variations may vary between manufacturers) and 66 cm in height, which allows players to climb onto it during the game. game.

futmesa rules

1- The matches can be in doubles or singles;
2- Doubles matches must be 18 points and individual matches must be 11 points;
3- Matches in best of 1, 3 or 5 sets;
4- Serving must only be performed with the feet or with the head;
5- If you miss the service, you can try again;
6- In the service, the ball must touch the demarcated area of ​​the table (if there is a demarcation);
7- Afterwards, the ball can hit any part of the opposite side to be valid;
8- When passing the ball to the opponent, it is not allowed to invade the opposite side of the table over the net;
9- A maximum of three touches of the ball must be made, but in the reception of the service there are at least two touches;
10- It is allowed to get on the table as long as the hands are not used;
11- It is not allowed to put your hand on the ball or on the table.

Discover the benefits of futmesa

Helps with cardiorespiratory endurance
As it is a game that requires dynamic displacements all the time, both to attack and to hold the ball, it raises the heart rate a lot. “It’s a great option even for those who play football, but had to stay still for some reason, since it’s not necessary to run great distances”, says Mauro Celio do Carmo, a physical education teacher specializing in sports medicine, high performance and sports training who is a soccer coordinator and personal trainer at Bodytech.

Improves cognition and agility
Throughout the match, players need to pay attention to the ball and develop hand-eye coordination to look for it in all directions and hit it with their feet. Not to mention that it is necessary to stay tuned in the rules and think about strategies against the opponent.

UOL in Summer: Arthur Zanetti plays futmesa - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL
Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

Offers gains in strength and mobility
According to Carmo, it is a sport that can be used as a training complement, as it helps the athlete to gain amplitude in joint movements and strength by proposing displacement, jumping, heading, extension and flexion of the hips using body weight.

Works balance and core
The need to stand on one leg requires greater activation of the core muscles, those that wrap the entire belt around the spine. So it’s a good exercise to work on balance.

As in any other sport, it is advisable to seek the permission of a doctor to perform it. However, the physical education teacher warns that people with ankle ligament laxity should do specific and preventive strengthening work before practicing the activity to avoid the risk of having an injury.

UOL Arena in Summer 2022

In addition to sports, in the arena of UOL in summer It is possible to enjoy the sound of DJs. There, you also have a kids area, restaurant, barbecue and bar, which offer a special menu, with food and drinks appropriate for this hot season. Don’t miss out!

Local: Praia Station – Rua Alvarenga, 2383 – Butantã, São Paulo (SP)
Data: January 15th and 16th
Time: From 12:00 to 22:00, see the schedule of activities below:

  • footvolley From 12:00 to 18:00 (departures 20 to 40 minutes)
  • Beach tennis From 12:00 to 18:00 (departures from 20 to 40 minutes)
  • Functional training From 12:00 to 18:00 (20-minute classes, with a 10-minute break for equipment cleaning)
  • Futmesa From 12:00 to 18:00 (10 to 20 minute departures)
  • High and low From 12:00 to 18:00 (10 to 20 minute departures)
  • DJ From 12:00 to 22:00 (except during band performance)
  • Barbecue, restaurant and bar From 12 am to 10 pm

To avoid agglomerations, 100 people will be allowed to stay at the event – if that number is reached, just wait in line, to enter as soon as someone leaves. It is mandatory to present proof of complete vaccination and use of a mask. Sports activities must be scheduled on site

Enjoy the hottest season of the year

THE UOL in Summer 2022 will also bring you a special series of content until the end of January, which includes the video programs “Otalab”, “Vai Ter Churras”, “E Aí, Beleza?” and “VivaBem Connection”. Follow everything at

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