Up to 6 times more expensive for the same product, depending on packaging and packaging: when you are sold vacuum (COMPARATIVE)

Small packages drive prices up.

In supermarkets, places on the shelves are expensive. Especially those placed at customer eye level. Those that catch the eye and must make the difference. Indeed, a customer who walks the shelves of a supermarket scans no less than 250 products per minute. And, bingo, when he takes a product in hand, there is an 8 out of 10 chance that it will end up in his Shopping Cart.

But if space on the shelf is expensive, some brands don’t hesitate to go all out. Indeed, the greater the facing (the area occupied), the greater the chances of selling this product. The big brands know this and compete in ingenuity to occupy space. Take the case of Heinz ketchup. While the brand could be satisfied with one or two formats, it is a myriad of references of the same product that can be found on the shelves. With the aim of guiding the consumer towards the most profitable product.

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