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The Fiorentina midfielder opens the door to his hobbies in his life in Italy, with the musical styles, the foods he misses from his mother, in addition to the gamer world.

Erick Pulgar accompanied by Iván Morales and the urban music singer "Pailita"
© InstagramErick Pulgar accompanied by Iván Morales and the urban music singer “Pailita”

In an open interview for the website of the Fiorentina, Erick Thumb He talked about everything about his personal life, so much so that he also told about his particular tastes for music, games, series and food.

As never seen before behind the wheel of the Chilean team, Pulgar opened his space to show how he lives his life in Italy, with many links with Chile.

“I listen to a lot of reggaeton. I really like music and if I have to do something it’s an essential element,” he points out on the Fiorentina website.

“I really like Ñengo Flow, Daddy Yankee and Anuel. In this period I listen a lot to some Chilean artists, like Pablo Chill-E, el Pailita, Marcianeke. They are artists who are now emerging in Chile and who are enjoying more and more success “, specifies Thumb.

In that sense, he has also been adopting customs that exist within the dressing room and with the different nationalities of his teammates. “In Chile you don’t drink much mate, but now more and more people are starting,” he says.

“With us in the locker room are Lucas, Chino and Nico who always drink it, so we drink it too. You definitely can’t complain about Italian food, you eat well here. But I definitely miss Chilean food, especially Chilean food. Mom. My favorite dishes are cazuela, stewed mote and beans,” says Pulgar.

Not only that, because in his free time the midfielder has discovered new tastes to complement his life, where he even assures that he is starting in lives.

“Here in Florence, in my free time, I tried to discover the city a bit. I also enjoy being with my friends. I’m a fan of video games. I like Call of Duty and I’m starting to do it live on Twitch. In my time free I listen to a lot of music and play video games”, emphasizes the player.

When it comes to being calm on television, Thumb has defined his tastes, where he likes action.

“I really like documentaries. Among the television series I’ve seen recently is “El Cartel de los Sapos: el origin”. I like that type of series, where it’s about the mafia, war, things like that. Narcos, Gomorrah, Peaky Blinders,” he ends.

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